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Well, we’re face-to-face and seeing clients. We’re taking referrals, but cannot accommodate every call-up customer. This is current as of 02/11/24

Thank you for visiting this web page, there are more than one-thousand documents in the site and I remove at least two dated old irrelevant pages every month, and put at least 3 to 4 new ones in. I’d recommend using the search box in the site to find what you need the fastest. Or if you just got a new puppy, keyword search “puppy puppies” to see what the site holds randomly.

Johnson Vet Services 
(770) 977 5377 TEL (770) 973 0301 FAX
3100 Roswell Rd Suite #113 Marietta GA 30062
Monday and Thursday:  8 to 5-"ish"
Saturday 8 to 12

Tuesday and Friday:  8 to later-afternoon-possibly-5-"ish"
Wednesday, and Sunday: Closed 
I mean, I'd just call ahead if I were you. You can absolutely have an appointment, but I head on home when we see the last appointment.  That's where the "ish" comes from.

Youtube Video Channels
There are two video channels. This page introduces both. 

Table of Contents 20 Videos
What exactly ARE the 20 videos talking about? 

All The New Articles
This is the page where you can find the newest articles.

DrJohnson.com Sitemap
This is the sitemap which lists every single available document in the site.

Johnson Vet Services
Everything from hours to location, address and contact details.

Meet Dr. Johnson
I'm just driving along doing an unscripted video introduction. 

20-Video Fish Health Course
An online tutorial that could make you an expert in fish health.

Fish Symptoms of Disease
A series of symptoms and signs and what to do about them. Videos.

The Microscope Tutorial 
Finally it's finished! The microscope tutorial is step-by-step, starting HERE.

"Koi Health & Disease II"
Dr Johnson's textbook of fish health over 200 pages.

Getting Help With Your Fish
How to get Dr Johnson to help you with sick fish if needed.

How To Treat Sick Bettas
Betta splendens, Siamese Fighting Fish illnesses treated well. 

Ask the Doc
Ask Dr Johnson a question and once a week a question gets published.

The Most Important Fish Article
The single article you MUST read and understand to be good at fish. 


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My clinic neighbors and clients voted me the neighborhood favorite for 2018 and 2019 and 2020, 2021 and 2023!!! That is so kind. Makes me so happy. Especially since I am probably the smallest clinic in town as a solo practitioner.