CytoPoint Is Preferable to Apoquel for Dog Itching Skin Problems

Cytopoint is an injection that a vet can give your dog, which functions as a “vaccine” against one of the enzymes in the dog’s skin that allows ‘inflammation’ to get bad. The dog’s usually stop tearing themselves up within a day or two.

This will NOT work in skin that is infected, or seborrheic. These skins need to be cleaned up with medicated shampoos and antimicrobials first.

Video on Cytopoint with Dr Erik Johnson on Youtube. 

Article on “Itchy Dogs In General” by Dr Erik Johnson

So, what is the back ground of Cytopoint?
Cytopoint is an injection. Cytopoint is made by the same company that ALSO produces an itching medicine called: Apoquel.
And because Apoquel causes health problems, some people are very nervous about using Cytopoint with their dogs because it’s the same manufacturer.
The problem with Apoquel is that it can cause cancer in more than ten percent of dogs that are on it. so it’s something people are leaving alone. ..
For very good reason. .
The same company produces Cytopoint ..It’s an injection, that you give once a month, or “as needed” for itching.
The way it works, is that it causes the dog’s body to generate an immune response to the enzymes in the body that launch an itching response. .Let me explain it better..

Let’s say that the dog’s body uses five natural, chemical enzymes to signal the skin to itch. And in fact, it does, more or less.
Those enzymes work together and each one depends on the other..
What if you could give a vaccination that causes the body to destroy one of the enzymes?.
Well that is exactly what Cytopoint does.
The Cytopoint injection causes the body to attack the enzyme that creates inflammation, and that stops the itching. And it works fast. .
And the injection lasts weeks to months. .It varies by the dog…
People ask me about the company. “How do we know the Cytopoint doesn’t cause cancer like Apoquel does?
Firstly, we don’t.
Secondly, the Cytopoint was released to the public with even fewer dogs being studied than Apoquel .

ANY dog with atopy or allergies can benefit from cleansing the areas they’re tearing up the most with Cetaphil Wipes.

Cetaphil Wipes
This cleans serum, plasma and spit from chewed and eczematous lesions on the skin.

But, it’s been out there on the market for a year or more, and the literature, and the hobbyist feedback
contains no significant commentary about cancer in dogs.
In other words. Cytopoint seems to be safe.

The other attraction of Cytopoint is it’s administration.
Apoquel has to be given every day.
But Cyto-point is given less than once per month.
Like I said it’s an injection, and how long it lasts, differs from dog to dog.

One draw-back to Cytopoint is the price.
It’s much more expensive than Apoquel , and it’s incomparable to steroids which are just cheap.

So for those of you with dogs that truly suffer with itching
please consider Cytopoint.
And for those of you who are already giving Apoquel , please switch to Cytopoint until something better is invented.

Dr Erik Johnson is a Marietta, Georgia Veterinarian with a practice in small animal medicine. He graduated from University of Georgia with his Doctorate in 1991. Dr Johnson is the author of several texts on Koi and Pond Fish Health and Disease as well as numerous articles on dog and cat health topics.