I Need To Find a Home For A Rescue Dog

I Need To Find a Home For A Rescue Dog

I’m figuring in Cobb County, Marietta because I don’t know any other “market” for rescues.
So, there’s like, four or five avenues, besides dropping a pet off at the dog ‘pound’.
Angels Among Us is one of my favorite rescue organizations, I do NOT know what they have to help you, or if they have the resources to help at this time, but it would seem they would operate in the right circles and could point you in the right direction.
Petfinder.com may have a listing service you could use. I’ve gotten a dog off Petfinder and it’s pretty neat.
Nextdoor.com is a great way to reach your neighbors and that means, they’re LIKELY to be ‘pretty good’ people in a certain economic class that will take good care of him. You never REALLY know. But if the adopter is your neighbor, it stands to reason you can sort of keep up with the adoptee.
Ugh….Craigslist.org  <= kind of risky. I think stories about laboratories getting test dogs off Craigslist are SERIOUSLY embellished if not outright fabrications. But who knows whether the adopter from Craigslist is any good or not?
Finding a home for a rescue dog

Finding a home for a rescue dog may take some phone calls

Facebook.com if you have a page, definitely put him up!

How I can help you find a home for a rescue dog

You can make a color sheet, 8 x 11′ with the little ‘tear off’ phone numbers, pictures, and put it up here in my waiting room?

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