A word about invisible fences for dogs

A word about invisible fences for dogs

There are two kinds of electric fence, the old kind that is a sensor wire buried around the perimeter of your yard, and the other newer model has a signal transmitted from the center point.

A word about invisible fence for dogs
Wireless invisible dog fence

invisible fenceThe centerpoint ostensibly would be your house, and when your dog begins to move out of range the collar begins to beep and when the dog stays out of range will begins to provide static crackles at intervals until the dog returns home. Those are nice because you don’t have to bury a wire.

Even better because you can take it to the beach or your rental, stick it in the ground and the dog already recognizes that there is a “range“ that it can explore before his collar begins to beep.

And, there is no wire to jump over and run away from, the dog gets a correction whenever it is out of range, which ostensibly, would be whenever he is out of the yard.

A word about invisible fences for dogs

If there was a problem, it might be that his range is 360° in a huge circle. LOL he can’t use the corners of his yard LOL

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