Copperhead Snakebite

Copperhead head

Snake Bite (Envenomation) of Dog or Cat by Copperhead

(Alt Copperhead Snake Bite)

With the turn of Veterinary Medicine towards ‘not using steroids’ in animals, I’ve watched delayed-type-hypersensitivity reactions, and Addisonian-crises dogs die in the care of knowledgeable Emergency Clinic and Specialty Hospital clinicians. I’ve seen Copperhead bites cause unnecessary damage, and take weeks to heal.

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The Covid Protocols Symptoms of Pet Illness or Irregularity To know what’s going on with your pet when I look at it, the following will be REALLY important. And if forms aren’t ‘your thing’ it’s okay, you can call 770 977 5377 and the staff member will collect any and all descriptive of the problem. … Read more


COVID 19 Protocols & Policies, October 2020

“Please wait in your car, call 770 977 5377 and we’ll call you there to bring your pet to the door at your appointed time. We’ll have him back to you in a short time (and sanitized) and you’ll get a call DURING or AFTER the appointment depending on the need for communication.” 

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Azo and Cranberries for Dogs

Folks sometimes call the office looking for something they can do for their dog til it can get seen, or over the weekend, or just IN CONJUNCTION with a standard treatment. And they ask about AZO, AZO Standard. Which is FINE to ask about except it turns out, the compound in AZO STANDARD is toxic … Read more

Zoe D. Can Walk Now!

So, there is an elderly Chihuahua named Zoe who was brought in because she could not walk. Fortunately for her, she could still feel her feet and she was able to move her legs but deterioration in her neck vertebrae have caused her legs to be very weak and her nerves are not very strong. … Read more

Consequences of Atkins style, or ultra low carb feeding

Weight loss in dogs by feeding Atkins style is extraordinary, nothing short of exciting, when dogs are not given carbohydrates for a while their appetite planes down as they are no longer on the blood sugar roller coaster. Weight peels off of them and it’s just fat weight so it is very healthy. My two-year-old … Read more

DHEA 2019

DHEA So there are hormone systems in the body which involve testosterone in males and estrogen in females. Those hormones are vital in the performance of the young male or young female dog or cat, reproductively, as well as for strength, endurance, overall health, muscle mass bone density fitness. Very solid studies have demonstrated that … Read more

Pancreatitis Case Communication

When bloodwork reveals pancreatitis. That’s serious inflammation (sometimes even infection) of the dog or cat’s pancreas. It can be life threatening if it drags on or becomes chronic. The pancreas can lose enough integrity to result in diabetes and exocrine pancreatic insufficiency. If the inflammation is serious enough, the belly may even suffer peritonitis. In … Read more