The Easiest Home Cooking For Dogs

On my website I have quite a few different ways to cook for your dog but I want you to know The easiest home cooking for dogs. Alternative for Raw diets of six or seven kinds, some diets that are rich in carbohydrates from 10 years ago, to some diets that are more conservative on … Read more

BioSeeding Installs a Complete Ecosystem Equilibrium of Cycle Bacteria

Bioseeding – Transfer of Biologically Active Autotrophs to a Recipient Aquatic System, BioSeeding Installs a Complete Ecosystem Equilibrium of Cycle Bacteria It takes time for these “beneficial nitrogen reducing bacteria” to develop. Under normal conditions, it takes up to six weeks for Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacteria to proliferate to number sufficient to reduce all the Ammonia … Read more

Atopy And Air Quality

Why Dogs Itch Especially In Summer and Especially Their Feet? Atopy is an allergy AND irritation that occurs when air quality (and micropollution) are prevalently bad. You can learn more about your regional air quality from which is listed in this article. In this document I describe what Atopy is, the six hallmark presentations … Read more

Apoquel and Cancer in Dogs

dog with cancer on it's face from Apoquel, apoquel caused cancer in up to 12% of dogs tested by the company that manufactures it.

Dogs are contracting cancer from a new(ish) medicine (introduced in 2013) given to control itching.  #apoquel #canine #dog #cancer #oclacitinib In the most basic of “summaries”: You can’t use it in people, and it causes new cancer in about 15-18/300 NON-elderly dogs. Severe bacterial/fungal infections in @30-35/300 dogs. Its not funny, but I should have read further to find … Read more