Crushing a pill in a Ziploc bag

Sometimes crushing a pill is easier in a Ziploc bag than it is in an actual pill crusher. You’re going to want a freezer Ziploc bag because the thin Ziploc bags will be punctured. You can put all the pills in the Ziploc and then smash it with a meat tenderizer on the smooth side.

New Suture Pattern for V-Plasty

Uses Vicryl small suture, 2-0 or smaller.
One knot finishes the whole line and the tails can’t get into the eye.

2-0 Vicryl is used in case any suture remains in the skin there will be minimal consequence.

The  suture starts with a very long tail at the edge of the lid. The pattern is a simple continuous, except with each returning throw you either capture or avoid the first ‘free end’ as it follows the line down to the terminus of the incision.

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Pilling The Impossible Pet Dog or Cat

Pilling The Impossible Pet Dog or Cat

You will need:

  1. A Muzzle
  2. A Pill Crusher
  3. A bulb syringe (Kids Nose Snot Sucker)

A LOT of the time, you have to give a medicine to a dog or cat that won’t eat.
Worse, there are dogs who have no problem at all with biting their owners. (My dog would sooner die)

When you get a dog that won’t eat a pill, in a treat or piece of cheese or bread, you need to push the pill down their throat, or make it into a ‘drink’. And syringe that into the dog.

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Measuring spoons that are ‘fairly’ accurate to the amount and milligram for things which have a very high and wide safety margin. Great spoons for measuring sodium ascorbate and rhizoma coptidis.

Hand Sanitizer? No I Like Ethanol Spray Better

Hand Sanitizer? No, I Like Ethanol Spray Better Note to my family on how to protect themselves. Personal. See note at end about corrosive side effects of some alcohols*. Hand sanitizer is great. Above 60% ethanol it’s effective. But it’s not great for keypads, door handles, chair-arms, etc. You go to the gas station and … Read more

Azo and Cranberries for Dogs

Folks sometimes call the office looking for something they can do for their dog til it can get seen, or over the weekend, or just IN CONJUNCTION with a standard treatment. And they ask about AZO, AZO Standard. Which is FINE to ask about except it turns out, the compound in AZO STANDARD is toxic … Read more

Management of fish “jumpers”

Management of fish “jumpers” When a Koi, goldfish and pond fish decides to end it all and makes the leap to the floor, there are several factors which may dramatically extend it’s survival on the ground until found. If the ambient temperatures are cool the fish will fare better. If the surface is non absorbent … Read more