Homeopathy and the Experts in Those Fields

The leading veterinary “expert” in raw diet nutrition:  Retired human pharmacist.

The leading veterinary “”expert” in canine and feline endocrinology: Retired human dentist.

The leading veterinary “expert” on the internet:  Dr. Karen Becker


  • Do they have useful information? Yes.
  • Are they correct a lot of the time? Yes.
  • Can they intelligently piece together conclusions and interpretations of the data based on practice experience and real life trends and statistics? No. They function in a world of exclusively paper processing. Dr. Becker is the exception, she still handles animals and has practiced medicine in actual private sector.

My only problem with Dr Becker is two fold:

She endorses “experts” without thoroughly fact-checking their information and she doesn’t notice when these “experts” present flawed information, conclusions, and make hazardous recommendations. My second problem is that she is distinguishing herself by incriminating “veterinary medicine” as a profession, basically saying “The world would be a better place if veterinarians were as highly realized and caring as I am” which has a small grain of truth in it, but GLARINGLY while she is bagging on how “we” do it, she is providing alternatives that ignore important facts and consequences. Distinguishing yourself from your profession by slamming it is easy, and all-too-common.

Homeopathy is a huge, spinning mish-mash of reckless, anecdotal, and unprofessional recommendations and quotations from studies that, VERY often extrapolate from human research to animal research.
Fact checking is MISSING and lay-authors especially trap themselves in tornadoes of information and start drawing conclusions and relationships between cause and effect that eventually mire down in absurdity and ineffectuality.

Honestly, here’s the thing. When everyone in the homeopathy / integrative area of veterinary medicine is pulling random, wild ‘research’ extrapolations out of their asses; it’s unlikely you’ll encounter agreement with everyone else unless you kind of take a vote. “Becker’s saying blah – –  we should come in line”  And then you get “Fact by Proxy” meaning that a group of naturopathic vets running as a pack have to agree on what’s a viable fact and what isn’t.

And ignore that fact that when you leave the ovaries in a female dog she has a HIGH chance of getting mammary hyperplasia / neoplasia in later years. So much so that EVERY case of breast cancer I have ever seen in dogs was in intact female dogs. Yet, our retired human dentist endorsed by Dr Becker asserts that being intact into later years has no association with mammary tumors. Should have fact checked that. And then, when you do a spay that spares sex hormones, (tubals) you still get heats. Oops, better just completely OMIT that complication from the articles (every single article) that extol hormone-sparing spays.

And all these articles by these human-retirees “qualified” because they’re doctors? (so are Spanish Lit professors) talking about behavioral and weight related issues with spayed and neutered dogs?

Caesar Milan would be the first to tell you crazy dogs are crazy because of what HAPPENED to a dog and whether it has an alpha.

And I’ll be the first to tell you that FAT dogs are over-fed.

Doc Johnson







Dr Erik Johnson is a Marietta, Georgia Veterinarian with a practice in small animal medicine. He graduated from University of Georgia with his Doctorate in 1991. Dr Johnson is the author of several texts on Koi and Pond Fish Health and Disease as well as numerous articles on dog and cat health topics.