New Fish in New System Won’t Live, Dying

New set up … I have recently started a new pond or tank and introduced several fish. I have lost several fish. There are no marks or signs of disease? New Fish in New System Won’t Live, Dying This is caused by new pond/tank syndrome due to a build up of toxins such as ammonia … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Nitrites

Nitrites – A Tenth the Level of Ammonia is enough to Kill. i.e. 3.0 ppm ammonia is as deadly as 0.3 ppm nitrite. Nitrites: Second Waste product in the Cycle, Low Numbers KILL! Nitrite is an intermediate metabolite in the CYCLE. Nitrite binds fish Red Blood Cells causing gasping and “brown blood disease”. Extension agents … Read more

Ammonia – Hidden Killer of Fish, First Step in the Cycle – Symptoms and Cure

Ammonia: Most Common Killer of New Fish – By Dr. Erik Johnson Ammonia is the primary waste product of fish, excreted primarily through the gill tissue, but to a lesser extent via the kidney. Ammonia can also accumulate from the decay of fish tissues, food and other organic debris derived from protein. Ammonia accumulations cause … Read more

Ammonia “The Silent Killer” Koi Health and Ammonia Accumulation

Ammonia is the primary chemical waste product of the fish. It’s basically fish urine. It can accumulate in ponds and cause health problems for the fish. Step Four is to assess this ammonia level with a test kit, or have someone test this for you. After assessing Ammonia levels in the pond, assure a healthy … Read more

Setting Up A New Community Tank – For Beginners

This article concerns the selection, purchase, and set up of a tank for fish – geared to the beginner. Part One for Beginners – The Tank You might be amazed at the lack of crossover between pond hobbyists and freshwater aquarists in this country. It might amaze you to know that *most* people who have … Read more

Indoor Koi Pond – Trouble With Nitrates

Indoor Pond Nitrates Problem – by Doc Johnson It’s hard to have enough artificial lighting to grow healthy algae and plants. Without this, you can suffer an accumulation of nitrate. In studies, high nitrate levels aren’t toxic on an acute level. Chronically, your fish will always do crappy in high nitrates. Studies on reptiles show … Read more

Ammonia As an Aquatic Toxin – Important

Ammonia – The Essentials Ammonia – Understand this! – by Doc Johnson Ammonia is the first waste product of your fish. It is often the cause of your first mortalities in new facilities and new ponds. There is a simple test to measure the levels. I am a big fan of Kent’s Ammonia Detox to … Read more

The Cycle and Why You Gotta Know It

The Cycle is the natural process in which the fish excrete wastes (fish poop and pee) into the pond water and Mother Nature has to deal with these wastes before these compounds pollute the water and make the fish sick. The process is conducted by two major classes of bacteria. Nitrosomonas takes the Ammonia and … Read more

Ammonia Toxicity in Aquatic Environments

Where Are Ammonia Levels From? Recall from the “cycle” discussion that Ammonia is the primary waste product of the fish. It’s mostly excreted through the gills by osmosis*, and some is excreted through the kidneys. This is important because you have to bear in mind that anything which hurts the gills can also damage the … Read more