Attorneys Increasingly Identify Dog Bite as a Lucrative Revenue Stream

I was driving down I-75 and I saw an ad for Montlick Law Firm advertising their services going after owners of dogs that bite people, for the largest possible recoveries and I went to the link to see what’s up. Well, it turns out, they can pin an ENORMOUS amount of ‘pain and suffering’ to the slightest injury. And their page is rich with information about what they dig up. But they’re not alone.

I printed off Montlick’s page because it’s pretty thorough in describing how they will trump-up a plaintiff’s case and the dramatic terminology they’ll use. I figure it won’t take long for them to take it down because it truly gives away their strategy, which would give the defense counsel a leg up on what to expect them to say.

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It’s also interesting to note that in DEFENSE of dog bites, opposing “slip and fall” attorneys may (and did) use any and all of the following arguments:

  • Prove that you didn’t provoke the dog
  • That dog wasn’t our client’s dog
  • Identify exactly which dog did the biting
  • Provide witnesses to the actual attack

Justin Minor’s dogs ripped off BOTH of a woman’s arms. It should have been a slam dunk but Charles Gross (Justin Minor’s defense attorney) attempted to get Justin Minor off “scot-free” with the above arguments.  Investigator describes South Carolina woman’s ‘gruesome’ dog attack injuries during owner’s hearing

  • Gross asked the court for the charges to be dismissed, saying testimony did not satisfy all the requirements for probable cause.
  • “There’s been no connection made as far as whether these were the same dogs from the Christmas Eve incident,” Gross said.
  • Gross also said no testimony presented in court offered evidence that the attack was unprovoked.
  • “While this is a tragic situation, it does not necessarily mean that it’s a criminal situation, and I would just ask everybody to remember the presumption of innocence,” Gross said.
  • In the end, the judge ruled there was enough probable cause to move forward with the charges.

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Atlanta Dog Bite Lawyer


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