Tooth Root Abscesses and Swelling Under the Eye in the Canine

Canine tooth root abscesses are common, and sometimes there’s more than meets the eye. What if it’s cancer from Apoquel? How can you tell? What should you do? How do you treat a tooth root abscess, antibiotics? Is it always ‘yanking the tooth’? Canine tooth root abscess management Management of a canine tooth root is … Read more

Just Saw The Most Amazing Mouth – Dental Spray Recommendation

So I just saw Lexxie T. the terrier and she has this mouth like, it’s brand new. And she’s ELEVEN years old. So, what this owner did was have the teeth professionally cleaned. (We did it) and she IMMEDIATELY started on this Leba III dental spray. Just once a day, at night before bed. She opens … Read more

My Dog’s Teeth are Terrible But I’m Afraid Of The Anesthetic

ROTTEN TEETH 1. Stink – To you, and even more so, to your dog. 2. Taste Bad – Imagine eating food with those teeth 3. Create a mist of germs for the lungs, with every inward breath 4. They hurt. Can you look at that and think it’s painless? 5. Last but not least the germs gain access to the blood stream. … Read more

Oxyfresh Water Additive for Dental Disinfection

Oxyfresh – Without Having to Read (lol) Almost universally my clients report best results (in dogs with severe dental disease) using Oxyfresh double-strength. And no negative side effects. Oxyfresh Water Additive for Dental Disinfection Oxyfresh Water Additive for Dental Disinfection . . .

How To Prevent Tartar Accumulation AFTER a Dental Scaling

How To Prevent Tartar Accumulation AFTER a Dental Scaling Download – Once the dog has had its teeth scaled and polished, how can you prevent that ever needing to be done again? How can you prevent tartar from reforming on the teeth? I think it’s good to figure that out BEFORE the dog gets home … Read more

Dental Exercise In One Page!

Dental Exercise in One Page for Dogs Dental exercise is incredibly important to dogs. It prevents a LOT of expensive health problems but most importantly, heart disease. Not every dog wants to chew on a knucklebone. Some dogs won’t take a bone at all. But all is not lost. Six different “kinds” of dental exercise … Read more


Dental Scaling and Prophylaxis Will Preserve Longevity and Health in Dogs I hate telling people that the reason their dog has a heart murmur is because of infection and rot in the poor dog’s mouth, so often, (if it’s after-the-fact) I won’t. What’s the point, the horse is out of the barn at that point … Read more