Oxyfresh For Canine Oral Disinfection – Better Breath, Less Bloodstream Bacteria

Oxyfresh Water Additive for Dental Disinfection

Oxyfresh has been around for more than a decade. In my home, I’ve used it for a fish-breathed dog named Trudy and it worked her entire life. (I still have no idea why her breath in particular smelled just like bad-fish). But not on Oxyfresh.

In practice, I recommend Oxyfresh because it kills Slime Bacteria which are the germs that form the slime which eventually calcifies into hard-tartar. Without slime bacteria, no tartar reforms after a dental.

And if your dog doesn’t rate a dental, either by age, or lack of severity, Oxyfresh restrains oral infections which are a significant liability to liver, airway and heart valves. Oxyfresh is cheap.

Oxyfresh Water Additive for Dental Disinfection

How it works:    Your dog drinks water with Oxyfresh in it. It disinfects the dog’s mouth. Fewer germs survive to infect the bloodstream and cause bad breath.

oxyfresh The “disinfectant” proceeds into the stomach where Hydrochloric Acid (plain old stomach acid) neutralizes the Oxyfresh instead of allowing it into the intestine and killing GOOD bacteria there.

It’s brilliant.

I have tried “veterinary” alternatives. (At wholesale hoping to save money) but nothing came close for Trudy.

Doc Johnson

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PS: And no, it’s not “Sodium Chloride”   double check the spelling   🙂

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