Automatic Feeders For Dogs and Cats are Amazing and Useful

This is the autofeeder I use. It uses an internal, silicone conveyor belt and holds over 5 liters of dry food. It’s the PetSafe brand which I like for practically everything. It has a Wi-Fi application that allows me to ‘send’ a treat anytime I want.

Automatic Feeders seemed like something I never needed. They are “new fangled” and I’ve lived without one, since forever.

Except that using an Autofeeder (Buy one) has revolutionized my pet’s management, and that of my customers, in a few important ways.

Me: “What’s Your Favorite Part of Autofeeders?”

Her: “That she doesn’t come and bother me.”

Portion control is a BIG PIECE, because some animals eat SO MUCH and SO FAST that the owners have to buy special “Maze Bowls” or put golf balls in the food bowl so the cat or dog has to slow down. Many owners find that an auto feeder dispensing small amounts of food several times a day prevents gorging-fast and the vomiting is done.

“Many Small Feedings prevents fast-gorging and throwing up.”

An Autofeeder reduces time spent measuring

  • Two kinds of autofeeders exist. One of them has you measuring the food and putting into trays which are revealed in sequence (see image below). This gives you 100% quantity control. You can measure a weeks worth of food ONCE at the same time and be done with it. (Get Open-Dish-Type Autofeeder)
  • The other kind of feeder can release a SPECIFIED amount of food, so if you set it to drop 1/2 cup of food twice a day, that’s what it does. My feeder goes from as little as 1/8th cup up to 2 cups. And can release as many times as day as you want. (Get Smart WIFI Automeasure Autofeeder)
  • This is the exact autofeeder I used and like the most: (

The Auto-Feeder Eliminates “Double feeding” by family

  • You’re supposed to feed the dog a specific amount twice a day.
  • The assignment falls to you and the kids or your spouse and you’re supposed to feed on days with a T. But it gets messed up and your spouse adds a feeding here and there. With an autofeeder the dog or cat gets ONE feeding at the appointed time at the correct amount. IT AUTOMATES SELF DISCIPLINE.


Eliminates the “overpour”

  • You love your dog. So while you’re supposed to give 1/3rd level kitchen cup of food twice a day it’s TOO TEMPTING to heap up the cup and “feel good that you indulged the dog”. But if an automatic feeder is handling it  – the “overpour” disappears and better health and a longer life can happen.
  • If you’re not making the food bowl every day, the temptation to put water on the food or mix “a little whipped cream or bacon fat” in it –  is bypassed. It’s amazing how a finicky dog will eat out of an autofeeder because “waiting expectantly” doesn’t naturally add candy to the food. Like it does with you hahahaha.

Reduces or Eliminates BEGGING especially by cats

  • A cat finally figures out that you’re not feeding it anymore. They realize that coming to you never gets them ANY food and that if they want food they should go sit near the automatic feeder. They may even meow at it.
  • Diets for cats often fail because the cats may come bother you to feed them because “I’m hungry get me the foods” but an auto-feeder creates six-degrees of separation from the process and “plausible deniability” that they shouldn’t even beg you anymore and it WORKS!

Slows the Feeding Time and Amount Down So Over-Eating and Vomiting is Eliminated

  • Some pets eat so much and eat it so fast that they throw up.
  • Many owners found that with an autofeeder, they can feed a cat or dog five or six small meals a day and not have vomiting.

Not Being Bothered At Night

  • When a cat, especially is hungry it comes and bothers you to feed it. Dogs do this too.
  • Some owners set a WIFI Auto feeder to give a midnight or 2AM small meal so the cat (or dog) will let them sleep.

WiFi Autofeeders have amazing features

  • You can give a little snack from Jamaica or on a trip through your cell phone application, if your Autofeeder is WIFI enabled.
  • They can give “a little bump” anytime you want down to 1/8th cup as a spontaneous snack through the app.
This PetSafe rotating “timed” automatic feeder is durably built and works very well. It doesn’t hold as much food and only offers 5 feedings. But it an feed foods that are more perishable and contain liquids.
This is a well made PetSafe WiFi-enabled automatic feeder which holds a gallon+ of dry food and can feed a range of amounts and times. This is my favorite feeder. It has all of the advantages of an autofeeder and the price is well under $150

Author: Dr. Erik Johnson
Dr. Erik Johnson is the author of several texts on companion animal and fish health. Johnson Veterinary Services has been operating in Marietta, GA since 1996. Dr Johnson graduated from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine in 1991. Dr Johnson has lived in Marietta Georgia since 1976.