Broken Back or Scoliosis in Koi and Pond Fish

The three most common causes are: Being carried in a net Being flown overseas resulting in hyperinflation of the airbladder, which can either break the back, or hyperinflate and deform the back LIKE scoliosis and… Lightning strike or electrocution You have to put nutrition on the list because specific nutritional deficiencies will cause widespread ‘broken … Read more

Cat Colds: Snuffles Viral (Usually) Upper Respiratory Infections

Upper airway disease in kittens especially can be life threatening and last through the pets life.

Cat Colds – Or Snuffles Often, the best combination of treatments I have found for Snuffles is short acting cortisone, Cypraheptadine, and Clavamox. The main thing is to keep the cats eating, because when their sinuses don’t allow air passage, their appetite fails for lack of smell. Worse, breaking a fever may become critical. cats … Read more

Itchy Cats: Pruritis / Itching in Cats Can Be Lots of Things

Catteries with cats close together sometimes experience ringworm outbreaks

Cats with Itchy skin – Feline Pruritis Most everyone has a cat that scratches now and then. Some people have cats that scratch until they create bleeding sores all over their necks and rumps. Cats scratch for a variety of reasons. Most commonly, they have fleas, and possibly an allergy to the flea bites. Some … Read more

FUS: Feline Urological Syndrome

Cat in the litter pan having trouble going to the bathroom.

Feline Urological Syndrom IAE Stopping behavioral disorders which result in cats peeing outside the litter box is VERY difficult, I daresay, impossible to control entirely. Feline Urolological Syndrome (FUS) is a disease of cats that can manifest itself in a variety of ways. * Usually there is straining to urinate, * increased frequency of urination, … Read more

Itchy Dogs (Article I) How to Control Itching in Dogs

Itching in dogs is caused by drying,atopy,allergies,carb intolerance,contact irritation and more

Itchy (Pruritic) Dogs Some dogs actually seem to enjoy scratching. I doubt they do, but some of them do it alot. You see them rubbing against shrubs and trees, and under the coffee table, and rolling around on their backs in the yard. But sometimes scratching gets ugly. They’ll scratch all night long, and cry … Read more