Medicine Chest Box

For me, really. Code to ‘cut and paste’ into articles in order to keep simple recommendations near-at-hand.

This is the code:

Dr Johnson’s Fish Disease Arsenal, 2019

For Flukes = PraziPro Praziquantel:
For Almost Everything = BSDT Formalin Malachite:
For Anchor Worm & Fish Lice = Microbe-lift Fish Lice and Anchor Worm
Salt = 25 lbs Non Iodized Pure Salt:

<table width=”72%” border=”1″ cellspacing=”12″ cellpadding=”12″>
<td><strong>Dr Johnson’s Fish Disease Arsenal, 2019</strong>
<p><strong>For Flukes</strong> = <a href=”″>PraziPro Praziquantel</a>: <br />
<strong>For</strong> <strong>Almost Everything</strong> = <a href=””>BSDT Formalin Malachite</a>: <br />
<strong>For</strong> <strong>Anchor Worm &amp; Fish Lice</strong> = <a href=””>Microbe-lift Fish Lice and Anchor Worm</a> <br />
<strong>Salt</strong> = <a href=”″>25 lbs Non Iodized Pure Salt</a>: </p>