All The Link Exchanges

There has been some confusion about where to sign up for various link exchanges and then where to find the listings. The MAIN thing is that Google finds the listings because then YOUR site shows up faster and higher, not mine per your link. Find One: “Find A Koi Club” “Find Your Installer” “Meet Friends … Read more

The Top 10 Things You Need To Know: Pond & Koi Fish

The Top Ten Things You Need To Know and Master For Success With a Koi Pond The Super Basics of Koi Figures out all the following: Inventories quality, informational resources for a deeper understanding But the most successful garden-variety hobbyist: Feeds decent food, redundantly supplies their pond electrical, supports lively water movement and intercepts temperature … Read more

“Koi Health & Disease” Reload by Dr Erik Johnson

Folks ask me all the time, what’s new in the new book? If I already have the first edition, should I buy the second edition? The answer to the question is YES. The reason you should get the second book is because your first edition is probably rather worn by now. Plus, WE DROPPED about … Read more

About Dr Erik Johnson – Marietta Georgia Cobb County Small Animal Veterinarian

“Meet the Doc” I’m Georgia-native since 1975 and went all eight years of college to University of Georgia. Got my doctorate in 1991 and opened my own place in 1996. I own three dogs, and innumerable fish and turtles. I attended undergraduate school at University of Georgia where I got my Bachelor’s degree in Poultry … Read more

Johnson Veterinary Services Welcomes You!

Johnson Veterinary Services, Home to Marietta East Cobb Veterinarian Dr. Erik Johnson Help and Advice for small animals, companion animals, koi, pond fish, reptiles and more. Where Is Johnson Vet Located? Who is Dr Johnson? What Are the Hours? Where’s the Library? I’m Dr. Erik Johnson and I’m proud of my knowledgeable, dedicated staff of … Read more