Common Grocery Store “Diet Food” For Your Dog

Common Grocery Store “Diet Food” For Your Dog

A customer and I were talking about diet foods for dogs.

There are a BUNCH of good ones. I decided to do a survey of the common “grocery store” or ‘non-boutique’ healthy weight foods out there for your dog.

I looked at Pedigree, and Purina (two kinds) offering.

Common Grocery Store Dog Food for Weight Loss

Purina Proplan “Savor” Weight Management is  8% fat, contains a healthy probiotic and touts the presence of glucosamine, and the first ingredient in the diet is chicken. You get a 34lb bag for $45 Purina Proplan “Focus” Weight Management is 8% fat, but contains no probiotic, and its “glucosamine” (means, ground cartilage that you find in meat and bone meal from chickens and fish) and the primary ingredient is chicken. You get a 34lb bag for $45

Common Grocery Store
Where to buy Purina Savor Weight Control Adult Dog Food

Purina ONE Smartblend is 8% fat and includes ground of meat meals for the glucosamine, but the diet lacks microbes, and its first ingredient is turkey. You get 31lb for $35

Common Grocery Store

PEDIGREE Healthy Weight Adult Dry Dog Food Roasted Chicken & Vegetable Flavor, 15 lb. Bag $13.50 (Means 30lbs costs $27) is 7% fat, contains ground up meat meals to be able to say there’s glucosamine in it, it does not have microbes and it’s primary ingredient shows corn first. It’s “just alright” in a pinch.

Purina Beneful Healthy Weight Dry Dog Food, Healthy Weight With Real Chicken – It’s 8% fat likie all the Purina offerings, contains no probiotics or microbes, and has no glucosamine. Chicken is  the first ingredient. You get a 40 lb. Bag for $34. And The Winner:

Best Diet Dog Food Reviewed:

Purina Proplan “Savor” Weight Management

Common Grocery Store Dog Food For Weight Loss
Among Foods reviewed, Savor is the winner.

Common Grocery Store


The following “video” file will load slowly (It’s 9 Mb) but has instructions on changing diets:

Common Grocery Store

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