Copperhead Snakebite

Copperhead head

Snake Bite (Envenomation) of Dog or Cat by Copperhead

(Alt Copperhead Snake Bite)

With the turn of Veterinary Medicine towards ‘not using steroids’ in animals, I’ve watched delayed-type-hypersensitivity reactions, and Addisonian-crises dogs die in the care of knowledgeable Emergency Clinic and Specialty Hospital clinicians. I’ve seen Copperhead bites cause unnecessary damage, and take weeks to heal.

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Bromethalin Poisoning in Dogs, Cats – Neurotoxin for Rats

Download:  Bromethalin – Toxicology – Merck Veterinary Manual Bromethalin, a nonanticoagulant, single-dose rodenticide, is a neurotoxin available as bars (blocks), pellets, seed, and a fake worm you can give to Moles. The net result is cerebral and spinal edema and increased CSF pressure, leading to neurologic dysfunction. Bromethalin can cause either an acute or a … Read more

Why We’re Not Giving ProHeart 6 or 12* To Our Patients.

Why Won’t I Prescribe ProHeart 6/12? It’s not because of money! I’d *double* my preventative revenues recommending and giving that product! It’s not because of effectiveness! It works just fine! In fact, fully 1% (one percent) better than monthlies. Not because of convenience! What could be easier than a shot every year to prevent heartworms? … Read more

How Much Chocolate is Poisonous For Dogs?

In case you did not know, if the chocolate was ingested within 2 hours, you may benefit the dog by inducing vomiting with hydrogen peroxide. You need to give 1 cup per 50 pounds and the dog will vomit within about 5 minutes and will vomit FOR about 15 minutes, at which time you may … Read more