Microbe-Lift BSDT Replacing Clout for Parasites

Clout (parasites treatment) was pulled off the market some time in 2018 late, you could still find bottles in early 2019 on some shelves. I’d consider it “dead” now.

I had to dope out new shotguns for parasites. And there are three.

Microbe-Lift BSDT Replacing Clout for Parasites

CyroPro or Microbe-Lift Anchor Worm treatment for Argulus / Anchor Worm parasites. These are insect growth regulators (gyrases) that work terrifically.

For Flukes, PraziPro.

microbe-lift BSDT for parasites
microbe-lift BSDT for parasites

For everything else, and with a very similar spectrum to Clout against parasites –  There’s Microbe Lift BSDT –  stands for Broad Spectrum Disease Treatment. It’s a Formalin Malachite mix that’s strong AF and works well. I’ve used it recently against Ich and Flukes with good success.

Keep treated water under 78 DF with water changes or constant trickle methods.

Change 30%-40% of water before beginning so the tank or pond is cooler, and the water is “cleaner”

Apply 1ml per 10 gallons of water once a day x 4-5 days.

Ich – White Spot (Ick parasites) will actually look WORSE during the second and third day and then by day 4-5 the white spots will be gone.

Everything (parasites life cycle) is SLOWER and the course of treatment is lengthened in water under 70 DF. That looks like daily application x 3 days in a row, then every other day for two more treatments. If you’re lucky, you can biopsy some fish to make sure all the parasites are gone.

During treatment, if you’re running sponge filters, or Bead filters, if there’s a way to safely bypass or shut down those filters, please do so for the first two hours of the treatment.

Microbe-Lift BSDT Replacing Clout for Parasites

Formalin-Malachite has crappy ‘residence time’ in the system meaning that within a couple hours it’s already being leached out by degassing, and organics-binding. That’s a “good thing” for beneficial filter bacteria.

As well as the finding that according to University of Georgia, the beneficial impact on microscopic parasites (killing them) is “done” in two hours and exposure past that point is frivolous.

Too bad there’s not a simple switch to ‘turn off’ the treatment at the 2 hour mark until the next day.

You may end up doing water changes between treatments to maintain water quality but at my office and home, I use constant replacement of water so it’s never a problem.

Microbe Lift BSDT is not terribly expensive. NOTE: It stains like a m___erf__ker.

Salt Against Parasites

Dr Johnson’s Fish Disease Arsenal, 2019

For Flukes = PraziPro Praziquantel:
For Almost Everything = BSDT Formalin Malachite:
For Anchor Worm & Fish Lice = Microbe-lift Fish Lice and Anchor Worm
Salt = 25 lbs Non Iodized Pure Salt:



Dr Erik Johnson is a Marietta, Georgia Veterinarian with a practice in small animal medicine. He graduated from University of Georgia with his Doctorate in 1991. Dr Johnson is the author of several texts on Koi and Pond Fish Health and Disease as well as numerous articles on dog and cat health topics.