Avoid The Spay or Neuter to Avoid Cancer?

Avoid The Spay or Neuter to Avoid Cancer? Video at end of post Interesting information has shown up (a little ‘fringe-y) that suggests that altering (spay, neuter) pets robs them of sex-hormones (testosterone, estrogens) that maintain their vitality into later years. Without those hormones, and after they pass the age of 9+ years, the odds … Read more

KHV Koi Herpes Virus Versus Spring Viremia of Carp

Overview: Koi are generally hardy fish. They’re descended from the common carp and are tough, essentially omnivorous fish with the ability to withstand a range of living conditions. As an ornamental specimen, the Koi is beautiful, and sought after for it’s highly strained color varieties. Koi health and disease is essentially a balancing act or … Read more

What’s Next For Veterinary Medicine and Pet Insurance?

Not unlike the human side of things, veterinary health insurance is going to come on, and become a “thing” and that’s great. Clients secure services and get reimbursed by the insurance company, not unlike the old days of human medicine. Then veterinary corporations will recognize that ‘filing for the client’ is an advantage they have … Read more

Urso – Ursodehydrocholic Acid for Hepatocellular Health in Dogs – Canine Liver Disease

Long ago, traditional Chinese medicine derived that Black Bear gall bladder contents was therapeutic for numerous diseases (link) and disorders. I wasn’t even born at that point and my exposure to TCM is limited. Fast forward to the Vietnam War when military personnel were exposed to large amounts of Agent Orange and suffered severe liver … Read more

Why We’re Not Giving ProHeart 6 or 12* To Our Patients.

Why Won’t I Prescribe ProHeart 6/12? It’s not because of money! I’d *double* my preventative revenues recommending and giving that product! It’s not because of effectiveness! It works just fine! In fact, fully 1% (one percent) better than monthlies. Not because of convenience! What could be easier than a shot every year to prevent heartworms? … Read more

Any Skin Case Can Be Fixed

It’s important that you know I’m not being sarcastic when I say I can fix (almost) any skin case. I’m being serious; but I’m also discounting the fact that some of what I am saying may come at the expense of the pet, or at the expense of your wallet. Specifically, I’m talking about giving … Read more

Biological Assessment Forms – Koi Ponds and Goldfish – Not a Diagnosis

The practice of Veterinary Medicine “without a license” would have you diagnosing diseases and making prescriptions for fish*. To avoid doing that, you can make an assessment of the pond and fish and note ‘what you found’ without actually referring to a parasite or condition as a diagnosis. Identifying the presence of a parasite isn’t … Read more