The Definitive “Arthritis in Dogs” E-Book Free

“Arthritis in dogs” is a free online e-Book, bringing home the most important points I make with my clients as I counsel on mobility issues in older aging dogs.

The absolute most important issue in the management of mobility issues associated with aging and arthritis is the WEIGHT of the dog. I see dogs all the time that are at 70% carrying capacity under 130-150% load.

Fat dogs on crappy joints. 

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New Way to Make Medicated Feed For NON-Food Fish – Part 3

New Way to Make Medicated Feed For NON-Food Fish -Part 3

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In the first two parts we discussed how easy it is to get so-called “veterinarians” to prescribe [open the automated, online gateway for you to freely order] medications for fish (and this project) and where to find so-called “pharmacies” slack enough [with software blind enough] to fill those rickety prescriptions. And that ain’t down the street at some human pharmacy. Continue reading New Way to Make Medicated Feed For NON-Food Fish – Part 3

Fish in the Water Trough

Do Fish Help Keep Horse Water Troughs Clean From Algae?

Thoroughbred horse drinks water on an equipped pasture from a water tank* Image Michael Dehaan.

If your horses are outside, whether, for a couple of hours or all day, it is important to allow them access to freshwater. Though troughs are a great way to give your horses water, they can unfortunately grow algae. As a solution to keep them clean, maybe you’ve wondered: do fish help keep horse water troughs clean from algae? Continue reading Fish in the Water Trough

Feeding a Dog in One Page

How to Feed a Dog In One Page

So when my clients come in, the single most common physical exam “defect” I find is the dog’s weight. And the thing is, they’re quadripeds which means they bear a lot of weight straight ACROSS the back and not up-and-down like we do.

And they’re not gifted with endless spinal health so “He can’t get up” is the death knell for the big dogs and DCM / airway embarrassment is the end of a lot of toy breeds –  BOTH mitigate by weight.

So how does LEPTIN play in this? Learn below.

How Leptin Plays in Feeding a Dog Correctly and How Much to Feed.

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