My Cat Bites When I Scratch Its Butt

Overweight cats chew the air, or anything in reach, when you scratch the top of their tail. Heavy cats will sometimes chew the air or anything they can reach when they can’t get to it themselves. Heavy cats can’t bend around far enough to really sink their teeth into the itchiness of their own rump … Read more

Canine Foot Lesions: The Bandaged Dog

What you should know about lesions on the feet of dogs, especially surgical lesions. This is a post operative letter. You’re getting this document because your dog has some sort of lesion on its foot. That could be a tumor, laceration or any kind of surgery. Canine Foot Lesions: The Bandaged Dog There are certain … Read more

Inflammatory Bowel Disease IBD in Cats & Dogs

Inflammatory Bowel Disease ( IBD ) – Feline This is in my Vet Notes section as more of a library entry Inflammatory Bowel Disease is common, and I think more common in cats than dogs tbh. Recommendations: Metronidazole, steroids, fiber diet, B12, and probiotics. Inflammatory Bowel Disease _Feline_ Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine Medical … Read more

Avoid The Spay or Neuter to Avoid Cancer?

Avoid The Spay or Neuter to Avoid Cancer? Video at end of post Interesting information has shown up (a little ‘fringe-y) that suggests that altering (spay, neuter) pets robs them of sex-hormones (testosterone, estrogens) that maintain their vitality into later years. Without those hormones, and after they pass the age of 9+ years, the odds … Read more

Cat Colonies and What You Should Know.

So there was a question on NextDoor about someone who wanted to cultivate a ‘cat colony’ of ferals to control rodent populations. The idea was that ferals and other cats that wouldn’t ‘fit’ in residential homes could at LEAST subsist with basic shots and veterinary care as outdoor cats feeding on rodents, and then whatever … Read more

Can Cats Catch Lyme’s Disease?

Theoretically, yes. In a laboratory? That’s the only place actual Lyme’s disease has been documented in felines. I’m not the expert on Lyme’s in cats. I was asked by a customer and I stammered. So I decided to look it up and Cornell has an EXCELLENT cat unit and they had my answer. lymes_disease_in_cats


Often, the best combination of treatments I have found for Snuffles is short or long acting cortisone, Cypraheptadine, and Clavamox. The main thing is to keep the cats eating, because when their sinuses don’t allow air passage, their appetite fails for lack of smell. Worse, breaking a fever may become critical. Cats will not eat … Read more

Glargine, Lantus, Use in Cats For Diabetes Mellitus

INFORMATION ON USE OF GLARGINE IN DIABETIC CATS Using Glargine In Diabetic Cats (June 2006) Rhett Marshall BVSc MACVSc1,2, Jacquie Rand BVSc DVSc Dip ACVIM1 1Centre for Companion Animal Health, School of Veterinary Science, The University of Queensland and 2Creek Road Cat Clinic, Brisbane, Australia. These instructions for using glargine are based on a relatively … Read more


Dental Scaling and Prophylaxis Will Preserve Longevity and Health in Dogs I hate telling people that the reason their dog has a heart murmur is because of infection and rot in the poor dog’s mouth, so often, (if it’s after-the-fact) I won’t. What’s the point, the horse is out of the barn at that point … Read more