The Importance of “Light” to Koi, Goldfish and Aquarium Fish in General

Why Can’t Koi and Goldfish Live in the Dark? Is “Sunlight” Absolutely Necessary? It bears mentioning that light has several effects on fish which can ensure your success or failure. Full spectrum lighting with sufficient intensity and spectrum will stimulate the growth of healthy, green sessile algae. Algae benefit the fish in numerous ways including: … Read more

The REAL Siamese Algae Eater

Folks face brush algae, also known as beard algae, black beard algae, red algae which is a tight, fastidious and hard bristle algae that can cover surfaces and mar the appearance of a fish tank and its ornamentation. Hardly anything eats it. The REAL Siamese Algae Eater I’ve taken rocks and ornaments out into the … Read more