The arthritis “triad” is a combination of THREE commonly used medications for canine arthritis discomfort. Tramadol is used WITH the other three medications in highly severe cases of osteoarthritis pain. Normally “triad” refers to the combination of Deramax, Methocarbamol and Gabapentin. Methocarbamol and Gabapentin have a WIDE therapeutic index but given together can make a dog kind of “out of it” at first.

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The arthritis Triad –  Three medications that make a big difference in most arthritic dogs. Here’s a thorough discussion of arthritis in dogs. People never realize that there are more than 5 different things causing / impacting mobility issues. How to dose these medications? Well in the first place, it’d be the vet doing the … Read more

Goodbye Dear One

Goodbye Dear One How old am I? I just couldn’t say, I lived in the moment, From each day to day. All I’ve known Is chase, and play Guarding you, and to Do as you say. It’s been so great to be in your Pack Included in all things, We each “got our backs” But … Read more

Joki Surprises Us All

Joki C. Came in after a round of meds, looking terrible. We decided he could spend a few holiday evenings at home before we let him go, or we’d do an exploratory surgery on his sinuses. The case turned out surprisingly well.

Aspirin Use In Dogs Is “Just Okay”

There is a period of time in the life of a dog where it has arthritis but not very severely. It just needs “a little help. Keeping in mind that dogs are aging seven times faster than we are, you realize that the period of time where they just need a little help is kind … Read more

Euthanasia Consent Form

All dogs and cats ‘wear out’ or face ‘end of life’ and when it’s time, there’s things we do. Euthanasia is one of those things. Georgia and a bunch of lawyers got together and made it necessary to make a “form” that gets signed to allow euthanasia. Nothing fancy, really. But it identifies someone as … Read more

Euthanasia at Johnson Vet Services

Here, putting a dog down is done as peacefully as possible. You can be with them for all of it. Everything’s done in the exam room. Anyone you want can be there in your family, friends. When you’re ready, I give a shot of Morphine. The dog might wince for a second. Then you give … Read more