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Dementia in dogs.
What we know, how it looks, what they can do about it. Even some studies that show that nutrition may mitigate it. 

Fish Health Management 2002
This is the abridged Fish Health Management Course Manual from NCSU in 2002. Abridged meaning that material that was excluded by copyright limitations is already gone but there's TONS of good data in this. It's a read-online e-book for non-commercial consumption. 

Autoimmune Thrombocytopenia - Destruction of platelets in dogs. Exhaustive details in e-book form.

Appetite in dogs, what makes it 'tick' and things we can do to improve it. 

Blood Pressure in Veterinary Medicine`

Cuterebra, or Wolfworms, Fly Strike when a fly deposits an egg under the skin of a dog or cat. 

Cancer Information

Dr Cherniske on DHEA

Cushing's Disease
The endogenous over production of Cortisol by the adrenal glands. Diagnosis and treatment. 

The DHEA Debate
Human details and data on DHEA use in humans for future reference.

The first DHEA book I put together with various research and articles. 

Ibuprofen Toxicity

The second DHEA book I put together. 

Seizure management in companion animals

A well written discussion of fluid therapy and its calculations, make up. 

Fly River Turtles
What is known, some pictures, and their breeding success. Did you know there's a platinum version?

Fecal Microbiota Transplant - The transfer of beneficial germs from one system to another and all that can do. 


Canine incontinence
What may cause it, the different types and some of the treatments. 

I think it's used for epilepsy but I'm not sure why since it's so fail. Then testing is needed to see why it doesn't adequately control seizures. 

Details and downloads about my favorite dental exercise, the Knucklebone.

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Details on Oxyfresh which is a water additive. It cleans a dog or cat's mouth. Use it double-strength in distilled water for best results. 

Thirst in dogs. What to do and think and diagnose in crazy-thirsty dogs. 

Raw Diet 2019
In 2019 I researched and wrote 6 raw diets from scratch. I dug up AAFCO feeding wisdom, canine nutrient requirements, the amounts of these nutrients in the raw ingredients and then put it together with feeding rates and amounts. 

Reptile Parasites
Parasites of reptiles

20 Steps to Fish Health
My 20 steps e-Book you can read online. I wonder if it's downloadable?

Transfusions in veterinary medicine from the why to the how. Collection, administration and more. Three resources. 

Water Quality 2020
My presentation(s) for the seminar I gave on contemporary water quality considerations with a fresh, 2020 viewpoint. 

Wet Lab Seminar
Online resource for my 2020 Wet Lab. 

Wet Lab Seminar II
The second "version" (all different) of the seminar on lab technology. 

Three Foolproof Skin Strategies for Itchy Dogs

Three Foolproof Skin Strategies for Itchy Dogs include antibiotics and a scorched-earth policy using shampoo that eliminates fungus and bacteria. Followed by Cytopoint.

Alternatives include steroids and antibiotics, or even taking your pet to a dermatologist. (In Cobb County half of them don’t require referrals anymore.)

Here’s how these three things can be ‘sure fire’ fixes for your pet’s skin.

Control of Itching ABBREVIATED_drjohnson_com_simpleskin


All Fish Disease Cases Are Handled The Same

There is an approach to ALL fish disease cases that people want to short circuit. They want to go from identification of a sick fish, to the potion that cures it. Sadly, almost all fish health cases are tied to water. So while people are trying to figure out what medicine they need, they’re losing fish instead of changing water, increasing aeration, bioseeding the tank and employing constant water replacement. No medicine at all.

So all cases start with assessment of crowding and ‘new fish’ syndrome, swing through water testing and THEN sometimes into treatments.


APHIS To Indemnify Damages for SVC to Breeders or Sellers

APHIS To Indemnify Damages for SVC to Breeders or Sellers, APHIS has released the following document that identifies the circumstances that they will, although unfunded and unable to pay, remunerate breeders and sellers of Koi and pond fish for livestock destroyed in their SVC eradication program.

Biological Assessment Forms – Koi Ponds and Goldfish – Not a Diagnosis

The practice of Veterinary Medicine “without a license” would have you diagnosing diseases and making prescriptions for fish*. To avoid doing that, you can make an assessment of the pond and fish and note ‘what you found’ without actually referring to a parasite or condition as a diagnosis.

Identifying the presence of a parasite isn’t a diagnosis. Identify a parasite or condition without making a diagnosis like a veterinarian. Here’s a document that steps you through the many assessments you would do well to annotate WITHOUT making an actual diagnosis.


*Because you can diagnose and give shots to dogs and cats without a license all day long and not get punished.

Broodstock (Breeder Koi) Health Concerns

Broodstock health is a 7 page PDF file with all my slides from a presentation I made at University of Georgia on the subject of fish health in broodstock when they’re gathered for breeding purposes in the Spring, usually. It is instructive on the parasites, water quality issues, viruses and handling considerations when you put so many fish together under that kind of stress. At least the water isn’t hot.

Cooked Diet, For Home Cooking For Dogs

This diet is intended for regular dogs that benefit from ‘people’ quality foodstuffs and would eschew fillers, second-rate meat, by-product meals, etc.

If you cook for your dog, this will ensure that your dog gets EVERY nutrient in the right amounts. Without being fat as a result.

It’s a PDF free download that’s thorough all the way out to the calories and RDA of the nutrients.

There are other home cooking recipes in the web site. Some are simpler than others.

Tropical Fish Health Presentation For Fish Store Retailers

Full color, full page slides from a Powerpoint presentation made for tropical fish store retailers, pet shop owners. Of import I talked about water trickle systems as a way to get the best quality water possible, an overview of parasites and treatments, the use of salt and then discussed Bioseeding. Tropical Fish Health Presentation For Fish Store Retailers. The ‘bad’ part about this document is that many slides are used to contain videos which show up in the Powerpoint but not in the handout.