Aquarium and Tank Heaters (Glass Ones Suck)

Cost-Effective Titanium Aquarium and Tank Heaters

If you’ve been using glass heaters, or you’ve ever lost a tank to an exploding heater or a failure that boils your fish, then this is a good tutorial for you.

So, over the years I’ve gravitated to Titanium heaters on thermostats and I encourage anyone with valued fish to do the same and here’s why.

What I’m using at home now is a POPETPOP titanium heater at 400W and under $30 which is a steal.

Click the image to see the full size description.
^ Where to buy the Popetpop Titanium heater under $30

Then what I do is put the above heater or heaters on a thermostat to ‘redundantly’ control the heaters and prevent overheating, which is fully explained in the recording.

heater thermostat
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^ Where to buy the Inkbird aquarium thermostat

Cost-Effective Titanium Aquarium and Tank Heaters

Normally in BIG facilities I’ve used pain bucket warmers – and in my 1500 gallon tank, I’ve used THREE of them but then lately the crazy people in the heater industry came up with a tiny, submersible 3000 Watt heater I’m going to try next. I’ll use the above thermostat to control it.

^ Where to buy the CalPalmy 3000W submersible heater.
My prior large-system heating gear. Actually works wonderfully but over the years they’ve made dedicated aquarium thermostats and smaller, submersible high volume heaters.
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