What is “Flashing” in Koi or Pond Fish?

What is “Flashing” in Koi or Pond Fish? “Flashing” is basically just a fish that is “scratching” itself on the pond / tank bottom, or ornamentation. It USUALLY doesn’t mean anything, unless it’s “more and more common” or it’s happening at least hourly. There are lots of causes of flashing koi illuminated here (click). Just … Read more

“Come on. What Do I Treat The Fish With?”

How to save your fish almost every time, by adding stuff to the water. The most common approach to fish diseases, is just to put medicine in the water with the fish. I have spent over 20 years trying to get people to be better at the hobby and learn what they are doing, and … Read more

Goldfish With Bumps on Pectoral Fins and Gill Covers

Goldfish with Salt dusting on their pectoral fins and gill covers It’s possible to gender (tell the sex of…the male, or femality) of Goldfish and Koi as small as a few inches, especially in the Springtime. The way to do this is observe closely the gill covers, and the leading edge of the pectoral fins. … Read more

Orandas with Pimples in Their Caps

Orandas with Pimples in Their Caps Many hobbyists report the development of pimples in the head growth (wen) of their prized Orandas. The Orandas and other capped fishes will appear bright, alert, and feeding, yet these tufty whitish patches can appear, and they resemble pimples. They are GENERALLY not a cause for concern. For whatever, … Read more

Floating Goldfish Swimbladder Flipover Disease

WAY MORE THAN YOU EVER WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT SWIMBLADDER DISEASE By Vincent Ling “Why does my goldfish tend to float at the surface of the water and have a hard time going to the bottom of the tank?” Because it’s got swimbladder disease. Swimbladder disease is a multifactorial illness which primarily affects ornamental goldfish … Read more

CASE: Carp Pox and Flukes Resolved With Heat

CARP POX Note: Carp Pox should be differentiated from other viral and non viral eruptions with a microscope. In very cold water, there are strains of Ich which will coalesce into large gel-like globs instead of causing the dusting of white spots. Biopsy is important. Carp Pox and certain cancers cannot be differentiated by pathologists … Read more


AEROMONAS KOI ULCER PICTURES WITH STEP BY STEP HEALING Bonnie HaleCode and Graphics edited Dr. Erik Johnson Day one: The Koi had 5 large ulcers, 2 one side of the tail and the other 2 were on the opposite side of the tail. In addition there were 9 small ulcers that were approximately 1/4″across on … Read more

Fish Symptoms of Disease

Fish With White Eye White-eye is often a Flexobacterial infection. Injections are curative. In other cases, a fish will have traumatized the eye in some way and the lesion is corneal edema. In these cases, injections of antibiotics will be harmless, but only time resolves this lesion, Finally, White-eye may be the result of caustic … Read more