Wood Turtles Clemmys insculpta

Name: Wood Turtles Scientific Name: Clemmys insculpta Country of Origin: The wood turtle ranges from Nova Scotia south to northern Virginia and west through southern Ontario and New York to northeastern Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, eastern Minnesota, and northeastern Iowa. What I like best about Wood Turtles is their intelligence. They’re pretty unafraid of people and … Read more

Hatching Geochelone Denticulata Breeding Yellow Foot Tortoises

Hatching Geochelone Denticulata (S.A. Yellowfoot Tortoise) This is a pan-shot of the 15 gallon aquarium I modified into an incubator. A thermometer over the water bath shows 82-87 degrees. The eggs are on fluorrescent “egg crate” about two and a half inches above the water’s surface. The water bath is 90 degrees. The airspace the … Read more

How To Trap Turtles

Turtle Trapping For Dummies or How To Trap Turtles This thorough document describes how to trap turtles, including the equipment needed, time of day, where and how to set a trap and what kind of trap to use. Sounds like a lot of fun. Make sure to put the trap in shallow(ish) water. http://drjohnson.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Turtle_Trapping_For_Dummies.pdf

Common Parasites in Reptiles (Illustrated)

I am not the author of the following resource however the document is freely available on the internet and the authors are exhaustively identified throughout the publication. Here’s the “book” which details the majority of reptile parasites. Many species of reptile are mentioned by name with the prevalence of the various infectious agents, but no … Read more

Common Parasites of Reptiles With Deworming Details

Dr Johnson did not write nor does he own the following information which is here PRIMARILY for his library and personal use. Dr Navarre provided this document to a Veterinary conference and it was also published by DVM360. Header and footer information is included to help readers find the original material. There is considerable information … Read more