Feline Uveitis: Causes and Treatment of Feline Uveitis

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So I was seeing patients today and I met a cat with a pinkish rim around the limbus of the eye. All sorts of thoughts rushed through my head, and I got to thinking about FIV, FIP, Feleuk, and others. I decided to Google some images of this cat’s eye in case there was something obvious about it, and found out that a massive 60% of uveitis in cats is inexplicable.

It started a week ago as a runny eye. The cat was normal otherwise. And then 6-7 days later this appears.

So I did some digging and I found an article that provides a GREAT summary of cat uveitis.

Here’s the link:    Feline Uveitis and How To Treat and Diagnose It.

It’s written by a specialist in Washington State and it’s good.

Cat with uveitis

Cat with uveitis

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Dr Erik Johnson

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