Doc’s Main Fish Aquarium

Doc’s Main Fish Aquarium

This is my 180 gallon acrylic Half moon tank, it’s a Clarity Plus which means it’s built to withstand Armageddon. I have black sand in it, instead of gravel, because it looks better and it doesn’t allow the accumulation of much debris. The filtration is 3 sponge filters. They’re usually $23 a piece but I found an Amazon typo error for $9.99 each. (Typo link)

I’m driving the filters with an Aquascape Pro 60 aerator and that’s OUTSIDE the house feeding the tank through it’s 3/16th air tube. Silence prevails.

The tank is heated with two of the Titanium heaters on an external thermostat.

The point is that the heaters are adjusted to 85 degrees F.

But they’re on a thermostat that’s set to 78 DF.

If the thermostat fails, the WORST that happens is that the tank hits 85 DF. Which is amply survivable under the kinds of aeration you see in the video.

Plants are mostly from Michaels’ Crafts. They’re silk plants. They’re pretty cheap, almost disposable.

The better looking wood in the tank is real driftwood from Lake Allatoona. We can talk about using freshwater driftwood sometime. Some of the smaller ‘wood’ is resin ‘fake wood’ I had knocking around.

Lighting is all 100% LED and as the more expensive, hermetically sealed marine lights die, I’ll be replacing them with these LED strips. Water proof, submersible and CHEAP. Bright, too.

I’m sure I’m forgetting something but let’s get to the tank, shall we?

Doc’s 180 gallon Blood Parrot Community Aquarium

Doc's Main Fish Aquarium
Doc’s Main Fish Aquarium
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