Five Important Puppy Tips You Need To Know

Well, not if you don’t have a puppy of course. Hahahaha

If you’ve got a puppy, please note these tips.

Five Important Puppy Things

Five Important Puppy Things ONE

Pick a puppy up SLOWLY and don’t whisk them up from the floor. You don’t think about how fast you lift a dog until you think about how fast you stand up from picking them up. Just go a little bit calmer. It doesn’t have to be “slow” but just, not whisky.

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Five Important Puppy Things TWO

Take a puppy back to the same place to go-potty and don’t entertain the puppy when you’re there. Bore the sh__t out of them. Hahaha. Thing is, when they smell their own droppings, it causes a ‘reflex’ to drop again. It’s Mother Nature’s way of keeping dogs from dropping everywhere around the den. If and when a puppy doesn’t do anyting, put them in their crate for a while without a towel and then try again in 15 minutes to an hour. Puppies don’t need “free run of the house” until they are fully housebroken. If they have “free run of the house” before they’re housebroken, they may NEVER housebreak.

Five Important Puppy Things Three

Keep a low body weight and a healthy mouth (with bone chewing) to get this puppy out to 15+ YEARS OLD, yeah, longevity is directly proportional to the owner’s efforts and vigilance to keep the dog hungry and chewing on bones. WHEN dog gets ‘tired of his food’ all that REALLY means is that his weight is maxed out within the range of “normal” and any increase in food will exceed it.

Five Important Puppy Things Four

Dog whistles are a good way to ‘name train’ and retrieve a dog as they get older. When the dog absolutely, positively has to come back to you RIGHT NOW, you can train them to a dog whistle. A blast of a whistle, and quickly associated with a “high value” (super tasty probably meat) reward will stop the dog in it’s tracks and have it RUNNING back. This is good when they’re charging the neighbor’s cat, running into traffic, near a Pit Bull about to fight, or 2 neighborhoods away and can’t hear you calling. Training whistles are on for cheap.

Five Important Puppy Things Five

From a very young age, it’s VERY good to roll the puppy on its back to cuddle and love on it. If endeavored gently and consistently, for example as the second or third part of normal cuddling, rolling them onto their back for a belly rub is good. Why? Well, this (unbeknownst to the puppy) is a submissive posture and, without even knowing it, the puppy can come up thinking of you as their ‘Alpha’. This technique will work practically every time with NON attack-breeds. If you’ve picked an Attack Breed to turn into a pet, well, just good luck.

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Author: Dr. Erik Johnson
Dr. Erik Johnson is the author of several texts on companion animal and fish health. Johnson Veterinary Services has been operating in Marietta, GA since 1996. Dr Johnson graduated from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine in 1991. Dr Johnson has lived in Marietta Georgia since 1976.