Copperhead Snakebite

Copperhead head

Snake Bite (Envenomation) of Dog or Cat by Copperhead

(Alt Copperhead Snake Bite)

With the turn of Veterinary Medicine towards ‘not using steroids’ in animals, I’ve watched delayed-type-hypersensitivity reactions, and Addisonian-crises dogs die in the care of knowledgeable Emergency Clinic and Specialty Hospital clinicians. I’ve seen Copperhead bites cause unnecessary damage, and take weeks to heal.

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Copperheads as a liability to pets in residential areas

Residential Copperheads Copperheads live around people, with no problem because we attract the rodents that they love to eat so much. Their favorite is a mouse, perhaps a second favorite would be a chipmunk, and then a rat. Since copperheads can live where it is dry or wet, even living in the water on a … Read more

Heron and Deer Scare That Works Every Time

You can make a Heron and Deer Scare That Works Every Time for about $70 with materials you get on  It’s pretty simple to make and it relies on LIGHT and A LOT OF NOISE to scare off a critter. You need the following: $15 – 5 Gallon Bucket with lid (Green’s nice CLICK) … Read more

Cat Colonies and What You Should Know.

So there was a question on NextDoor about someone who wanted to cultivate a ‘cat colony’ of ferals to control rodent populations. The idea was that ferals and other cats that wouldn’t ‘fit’ in residential homes could at LEAST subsist with basic shots and veterinary care as outdoor cats feeding on rodents, and then whatever … Read more

A Fox With Scabies Won’t Stop Itching.

“That is a fox with sarcoptic mange. You can tell it’s a fox by the white tip on its tail, and the mange is what causes the hair loss and scabbing. We had a very similar looking one that hung out in/around our backyard for two weeks in late June/early July, and it looked a … Read more

Are Eastern Box Turtles Protected From Being Pets in Georgia?

Eastern Box Turtles caught in Georgia are not “okay” to keep as pets in Georgia. Basics of their needs and sexual dimorphism:  Needs to be within a couple thousand yards of drinking water and humidity. Male has red eyes, female, has orange or brown. Legal (however) to harvest by the thousands and sell out of … Read more