Treating Finrot and Mouthrot In Bettas

Treating Finrot and Mouthrot In Bettas Finrot and mouthrot are bacterial or fungal infections that occur to Bettas or Siamese Fighting Fish when they’re worn down by chilling, poor water quality and, or parasites. By themselves without parasites, in good warm water, Bettas don’t get finrot or mouthrot. (Although you can BUY stressed fish that … Read more

Saprolegnia (or SAP) is a Freshwater Fungus of Pond and Aquarium Fish

Saprolegnia – Water Fungus Written by R.E. Carlson Like all fresh water environments, koi and goldfish ponds are living ecosystems. They contain plants, algae, invertebrates, protozoa, bacteria and molds or fungi. Many of the life forms in our ponds are dependent upon each other. This is known as symbiosis (living together). An extreme form of … Read more

Symptoms and Control of Branchiomyces Fungus, BGD in Koi and Pond Fish

This is a warmwater gill fungus. I’ve had this in a collection of my own fish, one winter when the fish room was very warm, but the lack of sunlight, and high nitrates were stressing the fish. Then the gill fungus hit. If I had been replacing water all the time, it wouldn’t have happened.  … Read more

Ringworm in Cats: Fungal Infections Among Felines

Dude Key the Cat

Cat Feline Ringworm Dermatophytosis Ringworm is very rare, and more commonly found in homes with many cats under considerable environmental stress. Chain-smoking breeders can turn out a ringworm infested cat, too. DERMATOPHYTOSIS (RINGWORM) Ringworm is a fungus not actually a worm. The fungus can infect cats, dogs, and HUMANS. Treatment can be frustrating due to … Read more