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Wow! Didn’t know this about the ASCPA, what bastards.

Fish Related:

Here’s an Instagram with amazing images. Planted tanks.  DiscoverAquascape

Here’s a page by Heiko Bleher who has explored and catalogued the Amazon River since the 1970’s. He was a childhood hero of mine. Heiko Bleher 

Pond Clubs

Rocky Mountain Koi Club – Barb Flowers

Koi Organisation International – Karen Pattist

Midwest Pond and Koi Society


Pond Installers

Pond Installer: NJ Pondguys LLC

Garden Gate Ent. Keith R.Dallamore

Landvista Aquascapes – Lisa Oren – Atco New Jersey

Other Fish Vets

Fish Veterinarian in California – Full Time Practice!

Guest Authors