THC Delta 8 in dogs:



An update on THC Delta 8 Isomer in Dogs 



Despite the Internet’s insistence that Delta-8 Isomer THC in dogs is “toxic” –  it’s entirely the opposite. 


THC Delta 8 in dogs works VERY well with a long re-dosing interval.


Once-a-day dosing is VERY reasonable. If you dose Delta-8 Isomer gummies in the morning , it will wear off completely at about 18-22 hours. 


Dosing THC Delta 8 in dogs more conservatively can ensure that effects don’t last more than 24 hours. And can sustain a suitable length-of-effect without dosing as high as the first dose. 



After the first few doses of THC Delta 8 in dogs, drooling is MINIMAL. 



There is definitely a “first 3-5 hours” of visible effect from the Delta 8 Gummies. Where the dog might sway while standing, or bump into your leg when turning around. After that time, however, you can still see a ‘calmness’ without any physical manifestation. Just a “slower wagging tail” and a more “considered” response to squirrels in the yard or the UPS man crossing the driveway. 


I doubt that a dog would need to be on Delta 8 THC Isomer gummies for life. My wager would be that a dog would realize that “so much angst” is unnecessary and unwarranted and “forget” to be so spazzy about things. That would be the hope, anyway. 




There’s a chart for dosing, and a VERY comprehensive discussion of the obvious and not-so-obvious side effects of THC Delta 8 isomer gummies in dogs. The assessments were done with healthy subject dogs, using 25mg Gummies by “Koi Inc.” Grape flavored without xylitol. 



THC Delta 8 in dogs: 


Disclaimer: It’s crucial that these comments and notes aren’t broadened to include Delta 6,9,10 nor “full spectrum” THC or “plain weed” because it’s NOT. These notes and assessments are made on a specific strength, brand and dose of Delta 8 isomer THC given as an oral ‘gummy’. It has never been recommended for use over 1mg/kg and it’s unlikely it would ever need to be.



So, from this article, you can calculate safe doses of THC Delta 8 Isomer for your dog. Assuming your dog is healthy, and not on competing medications and under the advice of a cannabinoid-savvy veterinarian.

But how does that translate into “how much actual GUMMY does the dog need?
Or, if my dog needs 15mg, how much of a Gummy should I give it?

So this chart is based on the fact that Koi Brand only has two ‘strength’s of gummies. They have a 25mg and a 50mg gummy of Delta 8 isomer THC


Delta 8 Isomer THC Gummies by Koi Brand FOR HUMANS. If they ever come out with a dog-brand I won’t be recommending them. There is MORE QUALITY CONTROL in the manufacture of human products.

For most companies the idea in pet products is “They’re just dogs, how much could the law suit cost us?”

So get the human product.

Use THIS chart to figure out how many milligrams your pet needs.

And then use THIS CHART to figure out what that translates into as far as a 25mg or 50mg Gummy. Delta 8, Koi Brand for people.

Dr Erik Johnson is a Marietta, Georgia Veterinarian with a practice in small animal medicine. He graduated from University of Georgia with his Doctorate in 1991. Dr Johnson is the author of several texts on Koi and Pond Fish Health and Disease as well as numerous articles on dog and cat health topics.