Chronic Skin Diseases

This is a video that addresses food allergy, atopy, and chronic skin infections. Dermatology and some of the changes in its utility are discussed. Several points of “bad medicine” are brought up. Notably Lots of steroids (Even continuous steroids) Apoquel immune suppression Cytopoint vaccine Lots of antibiotics, even 24x7x365 Changing food Important points like: Antibiotics … Read more

Blue Spray Chlorhexidine For Atopy

Blue Spray is surgical grade Chlorhexidine solution (not scrub) which happens to have benefits in cleansing a dog’s skin, clearing yeasts living in the coat, cutting oils from seborrhea, killing germs living in the skin without oral antibiotics in some cases and keeping the coat fresh smelling. All at a reasonable cost and effort.

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Atopy – The Leading Cause of “Itching” in Marietta, Georgia

Atopy is a condition in which multiple ‘systems’ (airway, skin, eyes, ears) may become inflamed and pruritic (itchy) because to some animals, “ground level micropollution” breaks out their skin and surfaces, like pink insulation does to me.

Imagine how you would lick your feet if you walked barefoot in pink insulation all day?

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AITP Auto-Immune Thrombocytopenia in Dogs

AITP Auto-Immune Thrombocytopenia in Dogs Then suddenly, your dog decides that all its platelets (clotting cells) are “foreign” invaders and are to be attacked and killed. So the immune system ramps up and starts killing off the platelets and leaves the dog at risk for bleeding. Fortunately, there are two ways a dog clots it’s … Read more

Any Allergy Dermatology Case Fixed First Try

I am endorsing this protocol for folks that want immediate results and ultimately, fewer trips to the vet. Any Allergy Dermatology Case Fixed First Try It’s a shotgun approach I am seeing engaged by Veterinary Dermatologists in the Atlanta area, followed up with an injection of Cytopoint. In some cases it’s as simple as a … Read more