Why We’re Not Giving ProHeart 6 or 12* To Our Patients.

Why Won’t I Prescribe ProHeart 6/12? It’s not because of money! I’d *double* my preventative revenues recommending and giving that product! It’s not because of effectiveness! It works just fine! In fact, fully 1% (one percent) better than monthlies. Not because of convenience! What could be easier than a shot every year to prevent heartworms? … Read more

Lyme’s Disease in Dogs – Prevalence and Treatment

Dogs carrying ticks should be immunized to avoid that chance that they will have the debilitating immune response to the disease.

Lyme’s Disease Almost twenty years ago, they did a study in Georgia and the DNR found that only one in twenty ticks carried Lyme’s borrelia bacteria. Lyme’s Disease is often talked about, and for good reason. In the Northeastern United States, it is safe to assume that if your dog carries ticks at all, it … Read more