Hydrogen Sulfide Pond Gas – Not Very Common

Hydrogen Sulfide gas is a gas produced in an-aerobic pockets under water. These may occur anywhere there is deep sand or sediment, or in a sump with thick mulm. Hydrogen Sulfide Pond Gas – Not Very Common Without Oxygen, some bacteria can respire by using Sufur, and this creates Hydrogen Sulfide, H2S which is very, … Read more

Carbon Dioxide in Aquaria and Ponds

Carbon dioxide is produced by the respiration (not photosynthesis) of both plants and animals. When you exhale, you produce Carbon Dioxide. Pretty much the same with fish except they don’t have bad breath like you do. Just kidding. One interesting thing about water is that Carbon Dioxide levels can exist independently from the Oxygen concentration. … Read more

Aeration – Oxygenation of Pond Water

Aeration – Oxygenation of Pond Water Aeration – by Doc Johnson “Warm water carries less dissolved oxygen than cold water. Aeration becomes of paramount importance in the summertime. In the winter, low dissolved oxygen would be just about impossible. Trasnporting fish is dangerous in warm weather. The use of some ice packs in the water … Read more

Why Carbon Dioxide is a “Thing” in Fish Medicine and Their Fishy World

Carbon Dioxide Impact on Koi Fish Health via PH Carbon dioxide is produced by most life forms in the process of respiration. When you (and the fish) “breathe out” you’re releasing Carbon Dioxide. Even plants respire, at night in the absence of light. They liberate carbon dioxide while they grow. Carbon dioxide from the fish … Read more