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Competent Installers That Trade Links With Doc

Pond Installer: NJ Pondguys LLC

Name of Contact For Installer Outfit

Christopher Tallarico

My Outift Installs

We Install Eco System / Aquascape Ponds

Are You A Certified Aquascape Contractor?

I Am a Certified Aquascape Contractor

Business Name

NJ Pondguys LLC


488 Freehold Rd

City, State and ZIP Code


Phone Number



Note from Doc Johnson: “I know Chris Tallarico personally, and while I won’t know all the installers that may appear in this category, I do know this fellow and he’s a good egg. Possibly the second most well-versed fish health guy I know, besides me LOL. If you’re in New Jersey, you’ve lucked out. Get these guys.”