Water Changes for Health, and Ammonia Control

If fish are suffering illness due to any obvious deterioration of water quality, you are well advised to begin a systematic daily changing of 20-40% of the total volume in the system. There are some important points to consider before going out and wholesale changing the water. First, make sure the water change does not … Read more

Carbon Dioxide in Aquaria and Ponds

Carbon dioxide is produced by the respiration (not photosynthesis) of both plants and animals. When you exhale, you produce Carbon Dioxide. Pretty much the same with fish except they don’t have bad breath like you do. Just kidding. One interesting thing about water is that Carbon Dioxide levels can exist independently from the Oxygen concentration. … Read more

Hydrogen Peroxide to Reverse Potassium Permanganate in Koi Ponds

After a potassium permanganate treatment, you can turn the water back to crystal clear. Be careful though, treating with peroxide prevents the successful deployment of Potassium permanganate the following day! Hydrogen Peroxide to Reverse Potassium Permanganate in Koi Ponds Hydrogen Peroxide is applied the the complete CONCLUSION of a potassium permanganate treatment. The reason is: … Read more