The Five Most Important Tools In Management of Canine Arthritis

Zesty Paws (And four other things)

In the last 12-15 months I’ve run into some owners who swear by a joint supplement and the dog passes an examination significantly better than before the supplement.

This is an experience I have often with a joint supplement called Phycox. I’ll see a dog with stiff hips and knees and suggest Phycox. A year later when they come in, I check and discover the hips have a remarkable range of motion. I say “What happened?” And they remind me I had put them on Phycox. This has happened numerous times. Not dozens. (I mean, that’s like a toilet paper commercial where you absolutely know that people just don’t discuss certain things that much).

But here’s another product that has shown up with my clients and a dog with significantly better health.

Sorry about the name of it: ZESTY PAWS

I guess the patent office didn’t have anything else they could call it.

My client uses ALL THREE of the Zesty Paws products, Mobility, Omega Bites, and Turmeric-Curcumin bites*.

What she does is rotate through these so the dog gets basically two of the Turmeric Bites, two of the Omega Bites, and two or three of the Mobility Bites in a 7 days week.

Or in thirty days, the dog gets 10 of each of these. Rotating.

What I can tell:

The hips of dogs taking this product like she’s doing it, are like a 5 year old dog walking 5 miles a day.

In particular the range of motion of the hips on abduction is wide. Like a young dog and smooth as well.

The knees aren’t vastly benefited.

Why Not? I have no idea. But the impact on the hips is so good it doesn’t really matter.

I happen to think that the joint capsule of the hip lends itself to “better juice” and greater improvement than the smaller more intricate capsules of the knee elbow, and carpus.

So it’s Phycox and Zesty Paws with *actual* changes in the physical exam, principally in the hips. But an overall improvement that the owner, dog and veterinarian can detect.

It could easily be said that “arthritis” in dogs would best be treated with the following four things IN ORDER.

  • Regular non concussive exercise
  • Phycox or Zesty Paws
  • NSAID like Deramax or Mobic
  • Low Carb feeding: Atkin’s and FOS Powder.

Weight loss is the single most important thing in the management of arthritis and other mobility issues with dogs. More crucial than any of the above.


*Zesty Paws has a ‘bite” for literally every single thing that can go wrong with a dog, they have vision bites, ear infection bites, itchiness bites, vitamin bites, pretty coat bites, stop-chasing-cars bites, you name it. I can only doubt that they have resolved every health problem of dogs HOWEVER I can tell you that dogs are getting good hips and better hip health from their three “hip” offerings.

Author: Dr. Erik Johnson
Dr. Erik Johnson is the author of several texts on companion animal and fish health. Johnson Veterinary Services has been operating in Marietta, GA since 1996. Dr Johnson graduated from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine in 1991. Dr Johnson has lived in Marietta Georgia since 1976.