Aquascape Pond Aerator 20 and 60 Review

Aquascape sent me an air pump for ponds. Actually they sent me two, one of them is the Aquascape Pro Air 20W and the other is the Aquascape Pro Air 60.

Aquascape Pro Air 60 Pond Aerator

They’ve got a three year warranty and they put a TON of air out, MUCH more quietly than the regenerative blowers. Gast, Sweetwater et al.

Aquascape Pro Air 60 Pond AeratorI am a bigger fan of the 60. It’s just a LOT more aerator than the 20, for “not that much” more money.

The units stay cool and they’re quiet. They come with a air valve that splits the air output so I can push a couple 6 or 8 drop air manifolds.

The first 60-unit is at the office pushing ALL my tanks, aquascape air pumpand my second “60” is pushing all my tanks at home.

  • Pro-grade Aerator: Ideal compressor for aerating ponds and water features up to 5,000 gallons
  • HEAVY DUTY: Metal housing is built to last and rigorous construction standards ensure years of trouble-free operation
  • Quiet and efficient: 45-watt compressor is powerful, yet quiet, reducing distracting noise levels and energy-efficient performance lowers operating costs.
  • Quick and easy installation: Pre-installed fitting and check-valve reduces setup time.
  • LEADING WARRANTY COVERAGE: Backed by a 3-Year Limited Warranty by Aquascape Inc, the leading pond and water feature innovator in North America for over 25 years.

The above, about the fact that Aquascape has been around for 25 years, is just that the company isn’t going anywhere.

Aquascape Pro Air 60 Pond Aerator

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