1 MICROSCOPY – Tutorial

1) Microscopy Tutorial | NEXT>   Tutorial Contents Unboxing the Scope The Optics (Magnifiers)  The Screen on the Scope The Stage & Its Adjustment All About Lighting and Adjustment Adjusting the Lighting and Focus Using Practice Slides to Focus  Sample Collection (Several Methods) Skin Biopsy Gill Biopsy One Gill Biopsy Two Intestinal Snip for Worms … Read more

Necropsy Video

Necropsy Video – Necropsy, Biopsy, Injection and More This is an old video, but cutting off a fishes’ head isn’t something that goes out of style. The techniques demonstrated are gross. And not everyone does these things the same way. All fish involved in the video were DEEPLY if not TERMINALLY anesthetized. For example, the … Read more

Dr Johnsons Koi Health & Disease Textbook Available Near You

Seller Price – Seller rating Lulu.comNo price No rating Amazon.comNo price No rating Books-A-Million No price No rating IndieBoundNo price No rating BookDepository.com$41.27 No rating Walmart – Palatial Products$50.92 No rating Amazon.com – Seller$35.22 No rating Thriftbooks.com$39.59 No rating Wordery$34.31 No rating Walmart – Books Direct$51.84 No rating Walmart – B Express$76.97 No rating Walmart … Read more

The Aquadyne Bead Filter

This is one of the filters which I [Dr. Johnson] have used extensively at my home*. I still have a 2.2 *Aquadyne 2.2 on 1,000 gal water   (2018) Where to Buy: With a Return Policy (Thank you, Amazon!) Bead filtration appealed to me because prior to bead filtration, I’d been using sponge filtration, matting filters, … Read more

Activated Charcoal – Carbon Filtration (Purification)

Activated Carbon – Charcoal Activated Carbon – Detailed information – by Carl Gittings This article was prepared by Carl Gittings in preparation for Koi Camp 2002 at Ashland Berry Farm. ACTIVATED CARBON Activated carbon is currently used in numerous applications ranging from the decolourisation of sugars and sweeteners, gold recovery, colour/odour correction in wines & … Read more