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Fish in the Water Trough

Do Fish Help Keep Horse Water Troughs Clean From Algae?

Thoroughbred horse drinks water on an equipped pasture from a water tank* Image Michael Dehaan.

If your horses are outside, whether, for a couple of hours or all day, it is important to allow them access to freshwater. Though troughs are a great way to give your horses water, they can unfortunately grow algae. As a solution to keep them clean, maybe you’ve wondered: do fish help keep horse water troughs clean from algae? Continue reading Fish in the Water Trough

Lonnie Ward at Oak Haven Farms

Yolanda Ward

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About My Site / Blog
We are a Koi farm in Georgia, also specializing in aquatic plants and perennial garden plants. As a retired Vet tech- I am happy to help with fish health when I can. There is no one else in my area.

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Lonnie Ward – Cell: (706) 325-5698

Glenn Ward – Cell: (706) 905-2688

We are located approx. 3 1/2 miles east of the intersection of Hwy 85 and and Hwy 80 (Beaver Run Rd.) Take Hwy 80 east, then turn right on Upatoi lane, just past the USA gas station. Go down Upatoi Lane 1/2 mile and you will see “Oak Haven Farms” day lily sign in front of our house on left side of road. Always call before coming out. (We have dogs and they will have to be put up.)

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There has been some confusion about where to sign up for various link exchanges and then where to find the listings. The MAIN thing is that Google finds the listings because then YOUR site shows up faster and higher, not mine per your link.

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Wow! Didn’t know this about the ASCPA, what bastards.

Fish Related:

Here’s an Instagram with amazing images. Planted tanks.  DiscoverAquascape

Here’s a page by Heiko Bleher who has explored and catalogued the Amazon River since the 1970’s. He was a childhood hero of mine. Heiko Bleher 

Pond Clubs

Rocky Mountain Koi Club – Barb Flowers

Koi Organisation International – Karen Pattist

Midwest Pond and Koi Society


Pond Installers

Pond Installer: NJ Pondguys LLC

Garden Gate Ent. Keith R.Dallamore

Landvista Aquascapes – Lisa Oren – Atco New Jersey

Other Fish Vets

Fish Veterinarian in California – Full Time Practice!

Guest Authors


Rocky Mountain Koi Club – Barb Flowers

Barb Flowers
Which Best Applies: Koi Club, Pond Club, or Both?
Koi Club
Name of Club
Rocky Mountain Koi Club
Full Address of Club or Contact
P O Box 481, Englewood, CO 80161-0481
More About Our Club
Hold monthly meetings through the summer months. Have an annual auction, koi show, and pond tour. Club meets the third Saturday of most months at individuals homes. We attempt to give accurate and helpful information regarding the care of koi and the health of ponds
Email Address
Website URL

Koi and Pond Club Link Exchange

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If your club caters to a particular group of people please choose whether your club is more fish, or pond.
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