Woodpecker Feeders

How To: Build a Woodpecker Feeder. It’s time to figure out what it would take to keep the woodpeckers from beating up our houses. So I’ve designed a woodpecker feeding station, with the intent to keep them so ‘full’, they have no interest in your house anymore. Just so you’re aware, I am not an ornithologist, I don’t even know what that means, and I could be completely wrong.

[Video: Less than 2min.]


Note to the ‘Yerdoinitwrongs’:
Yes. This is shenanigans. Woodpeckers eat bugs not wood, birdfeeders should be coming down, saying ‘Pecker’ in this context is sfw; there are ordinances prohibiting woodpiles in your front yard, I know I forgot my sunglasses and was subjected to UV and that my shenanigans could have distracted and killed a teen driver. No foxes were harmed in the making of this groundbreaking cinematic masterpiece. Thank you.