Epistylis in Koi and Pond Fish Ponds Epistylis is a relatively uncommon parasite of Koi, goldfish and pond fish. Indeed, it is so uncommon, that I do not have any good graphics of it. What you would see clinically is a tuft of whitish fluff coming out from under a scale, or from some other … Read more

What Is In API’s Super Ick Cure?

API is a little bit vague about their API Super Ick Cure product, and rightfully so. The FDA is very concerned about copper-containing Malachite Green ending up in the tissues of food fish. And they’ve set about stamping out Malachite Green in as many products as they can. API labels their Super Ick Cure product … Read more


AEROMONAS KOI ULCER PICTURES WITH STEP BY STEP HEALING Bonnie HaleCode and Graphics edited Dr. Erik Johnson Day one: The Koi had 5 large ulcers, 2 one side of the tail and the other 2 were on the opposite side of the tail. In addition there were 9 small ulcers that were approximately 1/4″across on … Read more

Stunting of Discus While Attacking Hexamita

Sadly, stunting can be permanent if it goes on long enough. I got a question about Hexamita, and a medicine that kept crushing his filtration beneficials. By the time he ‘beat’ the Hexamita, his Discus fish had been held back by poor water quality and he wonders if the Discus will resume growth. It has … Read more

A Betta Face Covered In Flukes

A Betta Face Covered In Flukes Treatment of choice: Praziquantel. There are several products that have that. (PraziPro) It’s safe and fast. Yes, indeed, this looks like Ich but note that the spots aren’t “everywhere” and a microscope cinches the diagnosis. If you were ‘shotgunning’ in the absence of live plants, you’d check the water, … Read more

Fish Lice, or Argulus – Branchiurian Parasites

Fish Lice, or Argulus Different names for the same parasite. This is a crustacean / copepod parasite, meaning it’s a lot like a little crab. Little? Yeah, it’s about 1/4 inch or less, in diameter and they are EXTREMELY agile. I plan to upload a movie with these, so you can see it. (See below) … Read more

Symptoms and Treatment of Costia – Ichthyobodo necatrix

The significance of Costia Costia is the smallest serious-pathogen of Koi and goldfish and is kinda hard to diagnose without some skill with a microscope. Fortunately it’s easy to bring into check with Salt and even easier to CLEAR with some formalin and malachite compounds. Life was simple for a fish vet in the early … Read more

Ich White Spot Ichthyophthirius Disease Symptoms and Treatment

Freshwater Ich – Ichthyophthirius multifilis – is a killer of very small fish, and can cause “redskin” disease in the winter regardless of fish size. Freshwater Ich Written by Dr Erik Johnson Look closely at gill tissue under the microscope to be sure to exclude this pathogen, because it does not usually cause the typical … Read more

Hexamita – Protozoan Infection in Fish

At one time, I might have denied that Hexamita could be a serious dermatological pathogen of Koi, goldfish and pond fish. Recently, I have seen cases of severe skin and fin erosion that defied explanation until the Hexamita organisms were detected in abundance on the surface of the fish. Flagellated protozoan infections: Hexamita While their … Read more

Microbe-Lift BSDT Replacing Clout for Parasites

Clout (parasites treatment) was pulled off the market some time in 2018 late, you could still find bottles in early 2019 on some shelves. I’d consider it “dead” now. I had to dope out new shotguns for parasites. And there are three. Microbe-Lift BSDT Replacing Clout for Parasites CyroPro or Microbe-Lift Anchor Worm treatment for … Read more