Hostgator Is My Host

Hostgator is My Host

The basic idea is that you get a free domain when you host on their shared hosting, so for like, $3 a month ($36 a year) you get a free domain and also, GREAT customer support.

The point I want to make is that Hostgator customer support is why I host there. I’ve been on Eurobia, Eightweb 10xhostings, ThreeForOne, Godaddy, and three I got off ebay and I WILL NOT host an important web site on anything but Hostgator.

Nothing matters, except getting your site FUNCTIONING in 15 minutes or less. And when the hosting is the same price or less than the next guy? That’s BUENO! A free domain on top of that? Well….That’s just amazing. But like I said, given a choice between a free domain name, or SUPERSONIC HELP, I’ll take supersonic help EVERY time. And that is what I get with Hostgator, every single time I’m having trouble.

Godaddy is the worst of them (besides Eurobia). Godaddy will nickle and dime you for EVERYTHING (no free SSL, they charge for email accounts and even setting up email forwards!) so what starts out the same price as Hostgator ends up costing five times as much. I could go on.

At Hostgator, the “Baby” plan is their best value. I could go through the twenty reasons but the biggest is that you get their full boat shared hosting for a dollar or so more than a one-domain hosting account. (DISCLAIMER BELOW)



I was going to sign up to be one of their affiliates but to be honest, the sign up and form work were a pain in the ass. So I am making this recommendation with the full expectation that it’ll be ‘on the house’.

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