Limbic Tumors (Melanoma)

The following is excerpted from one of my fave sites, (Vetfolio) for my notes category. (For future reference but linked for bibliographical accuracy.) Limbal (Epibulbar) Limbal melanomas are the most common ocular melanomas in dogs, accounting for 20% to 50% of these tumors,17-19 and are less common in cats.7 In both species, this tumor is typically a … Read more

AITP Auto-Immune Thrombocytopenia in Dogs

AITP Auto-Immune Thrombocytopenia in Dogs Then suddenly, your dog decides that all its platelets (clotting cells) are “foreign” invaders and are to be attacked and killed. So the immune system ramps up and starts killing off the platelets and leaves the dog at risk for bleeding. Fortunately, there are two ways a dog clots it’s … Read more

Avoid The Spay or Neuter to Avoid Cancer?

Avoid The Spay or Neuter to Avoid Cancer? Video at end of post Interesting information has shown up (a little ‘fringe-y) that suggests that altering (spay, neuter) pets robs them of sex-hormones (testosterone, estrogens) that maintain their vitality into later years. Without those hormones, and after they pass the age of 9+ years, the odds … Read more

Veterinary Cancer Hospitals Opening Across the Country

A word of caution regarding Cancer Hospitals opening across the country. There is a Veterinary Corporation here in America that plans to open 35 cancer specific hospitals across the country. The reasoning is logical, the oncology area of veterinary medicine is extremely lucrative, because the clients who seek chemotherapy and advanced cancer treatments are instantly … Read more

Zoetis Apoquel Package Insert – Download

Information on the Apoquel cancer ‘thing’ and not ‘hearsay’ Six dogs were euthanized because of suspected malignant neoplasms: including thoracic metastatic, abdominal metastatic, splenic, frontal sinus, and intracranial neoplasms, and transitional cell carcinoma. Folks want information on the Apoquel cancer ‘thing’ and not ‘hearsay’ so I thought you might like to read the actual package … Read more