I used to charge for consults - and got none because no one wants to pay for advice. So now I consult with people who watched a specific video all the way to the end, or called the office. I consider those people "pretty dedicated" and so I am happy to help, at no cost.
What kind of fish are in trouble, or you need help with? You'll describe the fish later.
Fahrenheit's nice, but I can convert if needed.
Tell me what seaasonal phase the fish are in, if applicable. Aquarium fish don't have a season LOL
The single most common cause of poor-doing freshwater fish.
Don't tell me you're too busy to test. I'm really busy too, but I'm still willing to help.
If you're too busy to test water, why should I take precious time at no charge, to figure out a case when it might be this very parameter?
If you answer "none", I still love you. It's okay.
A "ballpark" is okay. We'll refine that, for dosing later.
A ballpark estimate is okay. Most people are either "pretty much okay" or they're ridiculously overcrowded.
You probably don't know EXACTLY. It's okay.
Tell me if there are more than one species, which species is affected, if there are other species NOT affected, are there sharks? Invertebrates? Details.
For the consult to be meaningful, I need to know: Are you 'new'? Are we coming 'from scratch?' ...or, can we talk Redox Potentials and milli-Amps?