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Atopy – The Leading Cause of “Itching” in Marietta, Georgia

Atopy is a condition in which multiple ‘systems’ (airway, skin, eyes, ears) may become inflamed and pruritic (itchy) because to some animals, “ground level micropollution” breaks out their skin and surfaces, like pink insulation does to me.

Imagine how you would lick your feet if you walked barefoot in pink insulation all day?

How your sinuses would run down the back of your throat (post-nasal-drip) if you lived in a house with exposed insulation.

Atopy can even affect the ears and eyes.

Here’s my latest discussion in two, succinct pages that talk about Atopy and some new ideas I’ve had, and the second page talks about some treatments.





Winners NextDoor East Cobb Impact Art Contest

There were a lot of great entries.

There was one with a child evidently tethered to a space ship, and one of that kid’s entries took second place. There was one with actual flowers arranged AS a flower, but that was out of state. There were impactful messages. There was skill. There was creativity and picking the winners had to do with recognizing the best of several works by a particular artist with multiple entries, and to an extent: “Who would we love to see MORE from?” Continue reading Winners NextDoor East Cobb Impact Art Contest

The Other “Homecooking” Veggie for Dogs

Possibly the only reason for the vegetables in the dog food that you make at home is for the various pigments (carotenoids), some of the natural phytins, terpenoids, fiber, both soluble and roughage and finally and most importantly, feeding beneficial bacteria in the G.I. tract that depend on a small amount of plant material.
But in order for a home cooked diet based on low carb to work, you need to exclude potatoes and corn, peas and limas because they are naturally starchy.

I have been recommending Asian stirfry vegetables and even uploaded a picture of the vegetables I recommend.

Today, my wife came home with the other kind of vegetable pack usually available in large amounts in the frozen food section at the grocery store and it’s called “Normandy mix.”  This is another very low starch mix vegetables that’s rich in soluble fiber and carotenoid pigments.  See below

“Coronavirus – Uncoronavirus“

I’ve said a few words before about how much I don’t like gloves because they basically pick up the germs all day long and then spread them to your phone and your steering wheel in your door handle on your car in your door knob at your house and create a false sense of security for people.

Then I was thinking about how I get through my outbound trips and how I think about hand disinfection. I’m always in a mask when I’m out of the house.

It’s a thought process of “Coronavirus then Uncoronavirus”. Listen to this:

Post script: 6 foot social distancing is less than a Band-Aid for this problem. I’m going to guess that 100% of you have attempted to stay 6 feet away from other people whether you are in a mask or not, and then had somebody walk within a foot of you going through the door to a business or to and from from your car. Please mask up.

if the United States, on an individual level, started to figure that person “probably does have coronavirus“ instead of consoling yourself that the person “probably doesn’t have coronavirus“ this pandemic would have unfolded very differently. You certainly act different, when you’re figuring that the next person you meet just left the hospital visiting a feverish relative on a ventilator.“



New Way to Make Medicated Feed For NON-Food Fish – Part 3

New Way to Make Medicated Feed For NON-Food Fish -Part 3

Page OnePage Two – Page Three – Page FourReference

In the first two parts we discussed how easy it is to get so-called “veterinarians” to prescribe [open the automated, online gateway for you to freely order] medications for fish (and this project) and where to find so-called “pharmacies” slack enough [with software blind enough] to fill those rickety prescriptions. And that ain’t down the street at some human pharmacy. Continue reading New Way to Make Medicated Feed For NON-Food Fish – Part 3