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Where I Get My Coronavirus News These Days

How can you know what’s going on with Coronavirus if:

  1. One media outlet is spinning Coronavirus news to look bad on the Trump administration.
  2. The other media outlet is minimizing the statistics to look good on the Trump administration?

For example; Time Magazine, the Washington Post, New York Times and National Public Radio spend disproportionate amounts of time  demeaning the current administration at every turn. Their negative,  “spinny” reporting of the ‘world-ending-apocalypse-caused-by-the-president-we-don’t-like’ would make you think that we’re all going to die.

Make no mistake: There’s a Conservative narrative too, that also cripples trustworthy reporting:

CBS, CNN, Breitbart and Fox are spinning things saying that the President has got this under control – doing a great job.

How can you know how the Covid thing is unfolding, REALLY with everyone tying it to a political AGENDA?

Sadly, it’s biased and in both cases, lopsided and inaccurate.

So: I get my news two places. And they’re both OUTSIDE our establishment media.


Al Jazeera was set up to provide unbiased reporting on what’s going on in the contentious world of middle-eastern religious and political division. A world where the media is lethally controlled to silence political dissent. They couldn’t remain around as a mouthpiece for one government or another, or as a mouthpiece for one Muslim faction or another and so they’ve pretty much decided to be utterly NONpartisan religiously, politically and I USUALLY cannot tell whether they’re Muslim or not, whether they’re “for” a particular government or not. And it’s AMAZING to read articles about Trump that are DAMNING in one column, and then others that are POSITIVE in the same news outlet. To me, that’s how I know I’m on to a good news agency.

I use the Aljazeera APP because it’s easy and I get notifications I can choose to read or not.

The Epoch Times

The Epoch Times has made the owners of the major American news outlets PERSONALLY and PROFESSIONALLY interested in seeing them “dead” philosophically and fiscally. And these families and publishing moguls will probably make it happen. BUT in the MEANTIME I’m a subscriber.

Question I had: Is the EPOCH TIMES absolutely unbiased? PROBABLY NOT according to

Epoch Times Home Page

Epoch Times Youtube Channel

In summary, I think The Epoch Times is the brainchild of a spiritual Chinese guy who knows that the best way to improve life for Chinese citizens under a communist regime is a stronger, united, better-informed America. Imagine that. He’s hired a bunch of impartial journalists to debunk Chinese lies, American lies, all lies. And MSNBC hates him the very, very most.



Hostgator Is My Host

Hostgator is My Host

The basic idea is that you get a free domain when you host on their shared hosting, so for like, $3 a month ($36 a year) you get a free domain and also, GREAT customer support.

The point I want to make is that Hostgator customer support is why I host there. I’ve been on Eurobia, Eightweb 10xhostings, ThreeForOne, Godaddy, and three I got off ebay and I WILL NOT host an important web site on anything but Hostgator.

Godaddy is the worst of them (besides Eurobia). Godaddy will nickle and dime you for EVERYTHING (no free SSL, they charge for email accounts and even setting up email forwards!) so what starts out the same price as Hostgator ends up costing five times as much. I could go on.

At Hostgator, the “Baby” plan is their best value. I could go through the twenty reasons but the biggest is that you get their full boat shared hosting for a dollar or so more than a one-domain hosting account. (DISCLAIMER BELOW)



I was going to sign up to be one of their affiliates but to be honest, the sign up and form work were a pain in the ass. So I am making this recommendation with the full expectation that it’ll be ‘on the house’.

We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review.
We test each product thoroughly and give high marks to only the very best. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

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2 MICROSCOPY – Unboxing

2) Unboxing the Celestron


The Corona Virus is bumming me out. Not happy. You can tell.

They aren’t going to leave the price at $167 for what you get. The case is very good, PLEASE SAVE YOUR FOAM CUBES. The scope has a metal body and it’s very respectable in image and ability. It even has a mechanical stage. That’s explained in another installment of this tutorial.


Celestron – LCD Digital Microscope II – Biological Microscope with a Built-In 5MP Digital Camera – Adjustable Mechanical Stage –Carrying Case and 1GB Micro SD Card

  • BUILT-IN 5MP DIGITAL CAMERA: Our Celestron Biological Microscope has a built-in 5MP digital camera that captures high-resolution images and 30 fps SD video of your specimen as well as a full color 3.5″ TFT LCD screen with onboard software.
  • HIGH MAGNIFICATION POWER: From 40x up to 1600x magnification (with digital zoom), the LCD Digital Microscope II is a precision instrument ideal for viewing a range of cellular specimens on slides.
  • INCLUDES 1GB MICRO SD CARD: The Celestron LCD Digital Microscope II even includes a 1GB micro SD card, which provides enough storage to capture over 600 high-resolution images for lab reports, papers, lessons, and more.
  • MULTIPLE ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: In addition to the 1GB micro SD card, you’ll receive a dust cover, a rugged canvas carrying case with shoulder strap, 5 prepared slides, an AV out cable for viewing on a TV or projector, and a 4-plug international AC adapter.
  • UNBEATABLE WARRANTY AND CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Buy with confidence from Celestron, based in California since 1960. Your purchase is backed by a two-year warranty and unlimited access to technical support from our team of US-based experts.

Our professional-level Celestron LCD Digital Microscope II with built-in digital camera is a biological LCD microscope with fully achromatic lens objectives, a mechanical stage, a 3.5” full color TFT screen, and a 5MP CMOS sensor, which allows for high-resolution imaging of specimen slides. A 1GB micro SD card is included to provide enough storage to capture over 600 high-resolution images for lab reports, papers, lessons, and much more! Powerful 40x to 1600x magnification with a digital zoom function makes the LCD Digital Microscope II ideal for viewing a range of cellular specimens on slides, while the built-in dual illumination source allows you to examine both translucent and opaque samples. Use the screen’s measuring reticle to help you determine the size of the specimens being examined. The LCD screen rotates 180 degrees so that you can easily share your discoveries with others. A fully adjustable mechanical stage with dual (X and Y) axis fine position control knobs allows for the accurate and easy positioning of slides. Buy with confidence from Celestron, based in California since 1960. Your purchase is backed by a two-year warranty and unlimited access to technical support from our team of US-based experts.

Dear Johnson Family

Hi Johnson family!

I would love to keep this brief, but that’s impossible. It is just too big.

So this corona virus thing is big. Anyone can develop SARS symptoms which means your lungs go into a gigantic tizzy fit about the virus. It doesn’t always happen, but young and old can experience what is called a “cytokine burst”. It’s where your immune fighter cells discover the virus in the lungs and dump every kind of biological ammunition on it all at one time. And you go on a ventilator.
Again, not everyone does this but you don’t have to be old to be “that kid” that has a reaction like that. You probably just have to be old to die from that.

That being said, there are just a few things that we “know” and have seen across the globe that work really well. And it’s super easy.

Step one. Figure the next person you meet probably does have corona virus. Stop thinking “they probably don’t”. You will act differently in the way you take care of yourself even though you don’t treat them any different.

Step two. Carry a spray bottle with ethanol in it and spray every surface you think you’re going to touch, and respray your hands repeatedly. You’ll get the hang of it. Ethanol is available at liquor stores under the brand-name Golden Grain or Everclear. If you’d like it to smell a little bit better, you can put a drop of essential oils like lavender or cinnamon or patchouli in it.

Step three, wear a mask anytime you think you might meet somebody. It doesn’t even have to be an amazing mask. Basically something just to break the path of aerosols until you can get away and spray your hands, and when you’re done wearing it, spray the mask on both sides. They are very rare and you probably are going to want to reuse yours. It is more important that the mask fit well, then it is able to stop protons and electrons from getting through it LOL

Last but not least:

In every developed country where this virus has exacted it’s mammoth toll, the cases unfolded the same, “That only happens to other people” or “They’re making a big deal out of nothing” or “I’m young, I’ll survive it” and so you see people walking into grocery stores and various gas stations and businesses with no masks, almost a swagger! (“Yeah, dude, you’re so Edgy! I wish I could be around in two weeks to to see your swollen, unconscious face on a respirator.”) This is how Italy happened, and New York watched. And New York was about as casual as any other state, and then New York burned. And GEORGIA watched. And yet GEORGIA doesn’t seem to be masking up. Sweden and Singapore do. They’ve got great numbers.

Social distancing isn’t going to cut it because people aren’t sharp enough to notice every single time they get within 6 feet of each other, nor recognize the disease in every carrier! Besides, surfaces are a terrific way of getting the disease. There are too many people who think they are “above the virus“ to bother with it and so they are going to help us become a New York. And that’s OK. We can’t “own“ the behavior of others. We can just protect ourselves. If you observe the three rules above, that is:
1. Assume the next guy has corona virus.
2. Use ethanol spray on you and everything around you.
3. Wear a mask whenever you’re around people.
Then, the carelessness of others will not make any difference to you. And when our state goes ‘exponential’ like New York, you might not end up in the hospital at all.

*This document is for the consumption of my family and does not represent the necessary competence nor qualification to make recommendations regarding the COv-2 / Covid 19 outbreak. 

Who cares about germs we can’t even grow?

Who cares about germs we can’t even grow?

Well the answer is, everyone. It turns out we can only grow about one or 2% of all the germs on planet earth. That means, all we can really study are those germs.

You know, we thought we knew all the germs. We found 100 different ways to grow germs to where we could figure out what kind of germ we had living in a particular organ or fluid.

But while there are a thousand kinds of cars, all we were discovering were the armored cars.

Let me use that as a metaphor that you need to understand.
I’m going to take a “culture“ of roads to figure out what kind of life forms are on it. So I take a great big scoop of the surface and I drop it 10 feet onto a great big platform to study (also known as an agar plate). Growth media shall we say. The thing is, somewhere in there I’m dropping this great big scoop of ‘road’ and vehicles 10 feet onto the platform creating “difficulty” so to speak. And the only thing that “grows” or survives at that point our armored cars, and dune buggy’s.
So the people studying the face of the planet earth come to the conclusion that the only two things on the planet earth are armored cars and Dune buggy’s. And a couple of tanks. Don’t forget the tanks.

Many years later, someone comes along with the ability to check for auto parts on the growth media. Not cars and trucks but just auto parts and they realize that for all of these years they’ve been dropping hundreds of kinds of cars onto the auger media but nothing grew. They found parts from Dodge, Ford, Chevrolet, Mercedes, you name it and suddenly the world opened up to the idea that there were 1 million cars.

Once they realize there were 1 million cars they couldn’t even detect they started looking for auto parts in other places and they even found parts of many cars in the brain which was at one time thought to be “sterile” but in fact contains thousands of functioning germs. We just couldn’t grow them. Why are these germs “OK“ to live in the brain, or the heart muscle? We’d like to know, but we can only detect them, not grow them.

Let’s get back to bacteria. Science has figured out that the germs in your gastrointestinal tract can control things from your hormones, to your mental attitude, certain behaviors, but especially your immune system.

Sometimes the germs simply produce a cytokine that goes to the liver and stimulates an enzyme system that fights cancer.
Lots of times, the germs in your gut just keep the immune system in fighting form holding the line against these germs getting into the bloodstream. But the more preservatives that you eat and the less healthy you eat, the harder it is for these germs to live, and the less stimulation there is to your immune system from an emptying gut.

If you take an antibiotic, you may eliminate everything except a couple bacteria. Think of how many functions are left un-done when you only have a couple of bacteria types left.

We’ve always known that funguses can produce chemicals like penicillin to combat bacteria, but now they are starting to realize that some of these mystery germs can kill other bacteria. That (it turns out) we need one bacteria in our skin to keep the other bacteria in check. But how can you study this phenomenon if you can’t even grow those germs?

And that is why we care about the germs we cannot grow. Because as yet, there is a wild west of germs and their function is yet unknown in this bacterial world that we live in, and that we are made up of.

I Am Not Dying, Selling, Quitting So Stop It!!!

I Am Not Dying, Selling, Quitting So Stop It!!!

The Vet down the street (and his wife) cannot seem to rein in the story they keep telling customers, that ‘old Doc Johnson is sick, selling, dying or quitting…’

It’s been going on for coming on to a year now, I’ve sent a letter, and I thought it stopped, and I’m on the verge of releasing his identity, which would reveal him as unscrupulous in business to say the least about him. But I am VERY reticent (reluctant) to ‘mind someone elses’ business’ like they’re minding mine.

Here’s the highlights

Various images from Garden State Koi Seminar in North Carolina

So I was invited to speak at Blue Ridge Fish Hatchery in Kernersville North Carolina. The event was organized by Thomas Smith at Gardenstatekoi and hosted in large part by Blue Ridge. And as always, I had a great time.
Tom and the gang at Gardenstate, Jess, Tim, Fred, Zac, and Aaron, Kirsten, Casey, Josh, a guy named ‘Timmy Tots’ and all the guys at Blue Ridge Koi (and especially one of their fisheries employees Amanda) are wonderful and so hard working.
I collected a mess of images but that’s nothing compared to some of these folks!  Paul Cuffaro (Youtube influencer and animal lover) was at the majority of the event and probably got the most-best video of the farm as anybody. I don’t see it posted yet (It’s the day after the event) but I’m sure editing takes time. Here’s Paul’s channel.
blue ridge koi farm blueridgekoi dr johnson wet lab class kernersville nc koi farm
erik johnson podcast
Blue Ridge shared their anesthesia mix. I have to qualify a few things but for those of the attendees who wanted to write it down: Here it is.
pod cast
I didn’t MEAN to get Koi. In fact I declined twice being a “good boy” and not wanting to feed the herons any more fish. Then I remembered I had a 1,500 gallon indoor facility.
This cute little centerpiece at the barbecue place we ate at on Monday evening.
erik johnson podcast
Sometimes you can find these half wheel iron sculptures and they go well on top of some wooden arches to define a space, like around an outdoor bonfire.
pod cast
To show us what and how, in the harvest of fish, Randy and Rick arranged for a pond to be seined. So we got to see how that’s done, and we got to see how the fish looked among the premiums.
I’m no fan of Moultrie Feeders, in fact, I don’t like them at all. I believe it’s a company just bringing in Chinese product and pushing it out there. But what’s the alternative? THESE. Texas Hunter. Good enough for Blue Ridge? Good enough for me.
erik johnson podcast
I snapped this because I never thought about making a “bead” filter in a 55 gallon drum but the pattern here gives it away. Not under pressure, but with floating media this makes good sense. I’mma try it at the house I think.
pod cast
Just one of a hundred or more “vats” in firberglass, wood and polyurethane, or concrete block containing hundreds of thousands of fish farm wide. These were Shubunkins.
I snagged this image to remind myself, outdoor tanks that need insulation can be sprayed with it. I never thought of it.
erik johnson podcast
On the bus that carried the group from farm to farm and to lunch and dinner. What fun!
pod cast
This water fall just fills a ‘sump’ of bio blocks under the gravel, making it a “pondless” installation. Pretty. Easy too.
The actual title of the seminar I was with. I spoke on water quality including hazes and healthy water in retail. Also taught a wet lab.
erik johnson podcast
When you go to a Brazilian Steak House they give you a chip that you can put down “red” to say “I’m good now” and “green” means “put meat on my plate” and MAN IT WAS GOOD. Leblon Brazilian Steak House
pod cast
My Swift FM-31 Field Scope. All set up.