Buying Potent CBD – How to Recognize Zero-CBD Formulations

Author:  Alexandra Doherty

Senior Copywriter, CBD

Buying Potent CBD – How to Recognize Zero-CBD

Medical marijuana has grown in popularity in recent years as it possesses several curative properties. However, the market remains  saturated with several products that offer fake credentials and  baseless health claims. As consumers, individuals must ensure they  research their products to prevent purchasing scrupulous items. Not only do such artificial products not offer any of CBD’s benefits, but they might also contain low-quality ingredients and toxins. Hence,
consumers must find a way to recognize zero-CBD formulations and genuine extracts. Read on to learn more about buying potent cannabidiol products and what you need to look out for to purchase high-quality items.

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Woodpecker Feeders

How To: Build a Woodpecker Feeder. It’s time to figure out what it would take to keep the woodpeckers from beating up our houses. So I’ve designed a woodpecker feeding station, with the intent to keep them so ‘full’, they have no interest in your house anymore. Just so you’re aware, I am not an ornithologist, I don’t even know what that means, and I could be completely wrong.

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Why Not Board at the Vet’s?

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Board your pets at a boarding facility made for boarding, socializing and fun.

In 1995 when I opened my veterinary hospital I made an extremely expensive decision. I decided I was not going to board animals at my hospital. By all estimates that has cost me more than $4.7 million since then.

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A Lymphoma Protocol

The canine Parvo virus causes inflammation of the stomach and intestine in dogs. The disease can be mild to severe depending on the strain of Parvovirus infecting the dog,

A Lymphoma Protocol

This is not a recommendation or prescription.
This may or may not apply to someone’s pet. Your veterinarian’s advice is superior to this information. The following is offered as a piece of information about how a case is being treated successfully for lymphoma, for under $300/month and without observable or experienced side effect.

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Feeding Dogs What They NEED Not What They WANT

Feeding Dogs What They NEED Not What They WANT PLEASE just let dogs eat what they NEED and… STOP giving dogs all they want!! Just feed DRY food with nothing on it. Twice a day. (Of course you can and should COOK for them, I’ve written tons on that. But if you’re feeding dry food … Read more

Bones – The Ultimate Discussion

Bones – The Ultimate Discussion Bones. Scourge of the Internet for killing most of the dogs that chew them. A sensational topic for Youtube videos and “knowing” veterinary experts. Clinical experience included in this illustrated article on Bones. Supporting Media: We hope you’ve seen! Visit and our new section: Sent from … Read more